Samsung Galaxy S9 rumors, release date, price, specs and features

We have several great smartphone lined up for release and Samsung flagship Galaxy S9 is one of the most awaited smartphone that is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2018. Though we have long time to get Galaxy S9, there is lots of buzz created in the market

iPhone 7S news, expected Release date, price and rumors

The company has planned to uncover three different models of iPhone this year to celebrate 10th anniversary of iPhone. The three models will be iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S plus and the premium iPhone that either be known as iPhone 8 or iPhone X or iPhone 8 Edition. However, the latest

How to Identify a song without knowing lyrics

Many times you come across situation that you listen to a song or song’s tune but no able to identify the song. It happens to me often. The other day I was on the way to airport in a taxi and listened one song on the radio. I liked this

iPhone 8 Release date, Specs, Price, Concept and other rumors

This iPhone 8 roundup post will cover everything we know so far about iPhone 8 and will be updated regularly with new leaks and rumors come in due course as move closer to the announcement day years most anticipated smartphone. The iPhone 8 release date is expected to be September

Create account or Sign in – Stepwise Guide

Email has become a necessity in today’s life. Without an email address, you are like a homeless person not able to receive letters being sent by the Banks, Govt authorities or from the relatives. There are quite a lot e-mail service providers you can consider for creating an e-mail account.

OnePlus 5 release date, Price, Specification, Features and other news

OnePlus 3 was released back in June 2016 and June 2017 was suppose to be the month of release of OnePlus 4. But the rumors that suggested there will be no OnePlus 4, came out to be true and now it is confirmed that the Chinese manufacturer will skip OnePlus

How to uninstall a Program/App in windows 10 – Stepwise tutorial

How to uninstall a Program/App in windows 10 – Stepwise tutorial Sometime you come across a situation where you have to uninstall a program/ app in Windows 10 but you aren’t able to find out where to start. In this post, I’ll share step-wise tutorial to teach the readers of

iPhone 9: Release date, specs, price, features and everything else

We are several months away from the day when we could see iPhone being launched and it looks like the discussion about this phone have already started. We are going to see iPhone 8 in September this year and the next year – 2018, should be the release year for