12 things you can do in iOS 9 that you couldn’t in iOS 8!

1)Zoom in on your videos:You can now pinch and zoom on your video clips as well as your photos-go ahead and try it.
2)Add events from your emails: Part of Apple's new, smarter, more proactive Siri and iOS strategy involves spotting events in your email messages and automatically adding them to your calendar. Prompts should appear in both the Mail and Calendar apps when potential events are spotted.
3)Settings Search:You'll notice a new search box at the top of the front screen in Settings.Enter what you are looking for in the settings.(e.g. wifi,safari etc)
4)Select multiple photos:Open the Photos app, go to the album of your choice and tap Select on the top-right. Now just slide your finger over a bunch of photos and you will see that they're all getting selected. This is much faster than manually tapping each photo to select it.
5)Photo folders:The photo album on your iPhone or iPad has always been a slightly cluttered mess, but iOS 9 has brought some changes that could help. Open the Photos app and tap Albums. You'll see that all your photos are now neatly categorised into folders, such as Selfies, Panoramas, Screenshots, and more.
6) Faster way to return to app:Moving between apps is a lot easier on iOS 9. If an app opens a link in another app, you'll be able to get back to the first app without needing the app switcher. For example, if you open a link in the Messages app, it will open in Safari. To return to the app, just tap the Back to Messages link on the top-left.
7)Attach any kind of file to an email:In iOS8, the Mail app only let you attach images to outgoing messages. Now, any kind of file is allowed-you'll first be taken to iCloud Drive when you long press on an email and choose Add Attachment, but the likes of Dropbox and Google Drive are supported too.
8)Custom numeric passcode:If you don't want to set a six-digit passcode or a regular passwordcomprising alphabets and numbers,you can create a custom numeric passcode in iOS 9.Go to Settings>Touch ID & Passcode>Change Passcode.Tap Passcode Options and select Custom Numeric Code.
9)Safari share sheet:In Safari tap the share icon and you will see several new options. For example, you can now save webpages to pdf via iBooks in two taps. Also new in the share sheet are extensions that let you request the desktop version of any site and find words on the webpage. You can also save links to the new and improved Notes app or add them to the Reminders app directly.
ios_9_safari_new_share_sheet.jpg10)Grouped notifications:You still can't dismiss all notifications at once, but you can now dismiss all notifications from any one day at once. This is because iOS 9 groups notifications by date rather than by app. You can toggle this via Settings > Notifications > Group By App.
11)Safari reload:Safari's reload page button on the top-right hides a couple of interesting features. Open any webpage and tap and hold the reload button. Now you will see two options slide up - Request Desktop Site and Reload Without Content Blockers. The second one will appear only if you are using a content blocker app.
12)Take better note:Notes is another stock app with a lot of new stuff to show off with iOS 9.The revamped app lets you add web links,photos,checklists and drawings to your notes now,andeverything can be synced via iCloud.There are now more formatting options to play around with,so watch out Evernote.



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