How to Change Name in State Bank of India Account

How to Change Name in State Bank of India Account

State Bank of India we all know about this bank and none of us needs an introduction to this bank because it is one of the biggest and most trusted banks in India. State Bank of India is also known as SBI which is its acronym of name.

There are millions of accounts in State Bank of India If you are searching for an article online in which you will find the complete procedure which you need to follow to change your name in bank records then you have been landed on the right web page here on Tech1Xpert.

There are a number of reasons why you are willing to change your name in SBI bank records like you have officially changed your name and want same to be updated in bank records or it can be like your name is misspelled in the bank records.

If you want to change the reason why you are willing to change your name in the bank records (Bank Passbook etc.) You can change your name in bank records but you should provide the bank with the proper proof documents for your name change.

Step by Step Procedure to Change Name in State Bank of India

State Bank of India

So now let us get started with this guide and check out the procedure to change your name in State Bank of India records. But before that let me tell you about the documents which can be submitted to the bank as name change proof.

  • Name Change Affidavit: You have to submit a copy of your Affidavit to the bank.
  • Newspaper Publication Copies: While you are changing your name officially in India you have to follow up some procedures to change it in Gazette of India at that time you have to publish about your name change in 2 local newspapers.
  • Gazette Notification: When you complete the procedure to change the name in Gazette of India, you will receive a Gazette notification you have to submit that to the bank.
  • PAN Card, Voter ID or Aadhaar Card: These documents are asked for identity and address proof, but make sure your new name is mentioned on them.

Once you are ready with these above-listed documents you have to write a letter addressing your branch manager and ask him or her to change your name.

After completing your letter to branch manager of the home branch where you have opened your account and maintain it. You have to visit your home branch and submit the letter with the documents which I have listed above. Submit it bank officials will verify the documents and will change your name in their records.

Please Note: If your name is misspelled in bank records then there is no need to get name change affidavit or gazette notification you just have to submit the document proof for your current name only.

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