How To Watch Youtube Videos In Cinema Mode Or Theater Mode

How To Watch Youtube Videos In Cinema Mode

Ever got bored with the same red and white layout of youtube? If yes, then this article will help you to watch youtube videos in cinema mode. You can also take screenshots of a video and download it to your computer.

This method involves installing an extension to your browser. Google Chrome, Opera & Mozilla Firefox supports this extension. So how to install this extension and how to watch youtube videos in cinema mode? Well, lets get to it below.

youtube videos in cinema mode

What Is This Extension?

This extension is called as Magic Actions. Magic Actions is a browser extension that brings your video watching experience to a whole new dimension by providing you with a set of useful features, such as Auto HD, Mouse Wheel Volume Control, Cinema mode, Dynamic Backlight, Stop Autoplay and many other.

You can install Magic Actions directly from store on Google Chrome & Opera. In case of Mozilla Firefox you have to download the extension file and install it manually.

Download Magic Actions For Chrome

Download Magic Actions For Opera

How To Set It Up?

After you install Magic Actions on your browser just go to this page and set your desired options. But to enable cinema mode you have to tick the option “Enable Cinema”, enable Player size as “Large” and check “Switch to cinema mode automatically when the page loaded”. Now you can watch all videos in cinema mode.Just click anywhere beside the video or click Esc button to exit cinema mode.

youtube videos in cinema mode

Or else, you can directly import settings from this file here. To import settings just scroll to the end of the settings and click on “Import Options” and select the file you have downloaded above. Voila! You can watch youtube videos in cinema mode 🙂

youtube videos in cinema mode

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