New source claims that iPhone 7 has no headphone jack

New source claims that iPhone 7 has no headphone jack

New source claims that iPhone 7 has no headphone jack.Do you really think so?Late last year, many people began to spread a rumor of a Chinese source who claimed that Apple would abandon the standard input for headphones 3.5mm, so that he could more internal space and less thickness, managing to add a more powerful battery without damaging other components. But it turns out that the 3.5 mm is used in virtually all today’s headphones and other manufacturers seem unwilling to change anytime soon.
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Yet earlier this week, Chinese media published another report “confirming” that story, claiming that the next generation iPhone will feature wireless headphones and other using the Lightning connector, “burying” once and for all the traditional connector.

The Chinese site Anzhou says its sources of Apple’s suppliers have confirmed the entry of the removal of 3.5 mm on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to concentrate on wireless headphones. The site also states that the wireless model will be similar to Ear Pod, which already monitors the current models.
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It is also observed that the wired model, using the Lightning connector, the only alternative will be wired, although the suggestion that the next iPhone to work with wireless headphones factory is already more attractive.

But something we should take into consideration is the final cost to the consumer, that certainly it will not be cheap. Today, Apple already sells headphones on standard Lightning Beats by company, although this is a niche market more closed because of the high price.

Nor do we know whether it will provide the headphones inside the box or whether they will be sold separately, taking into account exactly the high cost that could bring.

The iPhone 7, which has confirmed its name, should arrive at the end of the year with major changes in the external and internal parts, also coming with larger battery and storage option with 256GB.


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