Score high in Trex game Chrome’s Easter Egg

Score high in Trex game Chrome’s Easter Egg

This post is about the trex game in androids google chrome browser.This game only works/opens when there is no internet connection.So if you want to play trex game then you need to switch off mobile data and wifi.
To score high in this game all you need to do is minimize the game window/google chrome.
trex game
1)Open google chrome with no internet connection i.e.,offline.
2)When a dinosaur appears tap the screen to start the game.
3)Now to score high just minimize the google chrome and let it run in the background.
4)wait for some time and then open it to check your score.
You will definitely wonder at your scores if you follow this tutorial.Fool your friends now  😆
You can also play this game in several websites.Some of them are:
Here’s a sample video link of the game:Chrome’s Game

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