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Turn Your Ordinary Laptop Into Gaming Laptop Using EXP GDC

Hey Gamers, this article is for you. Are you fed up with your laptop graphics? Don’t have money to buy a gaming laptop? Then EXP GDC is the best solution for you. Even iam a gamer playing black ops 2 on Intel HD 4400.I didn’t even try to run GTA V

Increase Gaming Performance In windows 8/Windows 7

Increase Gaming Performance In windows I know how you feel if you dont have a graphic card.You just have to stare at your friends playing good games on their pc or you have to distract yourself.If you are a gaming freak then you will be probably searching for tricks and tips

Play High End Games On Low End Android Phone!

High End Games on Low End Android Phone The game quality of android has been improved much in the recent days and there are some games which are even claimed to be console quality games, as a result the requirement to play these graphic and memory intensive games have increased