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How To Know If A Site Is Secured?

How To Know If A Site Is Secured How to know if a site is secured? So many people are worried these days to make transactions or to browse the internet due to security. There are so many sites which will access your location and your interests for advertising and provide

How To Root Redmi Note 3 & Install TWRP Recovery

To root Redmi Note 3 SnapDragon 650 first, you have to unlock the bootloader.If you have already unlocked the bootloader you can proceed to root your Redmi Note 3.This is a hassle-free Rooting process with the help of my batch file specifically for Redmi Note 3 (SD) using SuperSU and TWRP recovery

How To Bypass Surveys To Download Files 2016

Online Surveys mostly occur when you want to download a file, when you try to visit a website or to watch a video. Until and unless you complete the surveys you won’t be able to download the files. But these surveys will irritate you by asking so many irrelevant questions.

How To Download Windows 10 Apps Manually ( Appx Files )

AppX is the application distribution file format that was introduced with Microsoft Windows 8.Appx files cannot be seen in Microsoft storage as they are hidden.Apps you download from microsoft store will be in .appx file extension.So there is a way to download windows 10 apps as if you do with

Disable Ads In uTorrent Without Using Any Software

Disable Ads In uTorrent Without Using Any Software Messed up with useless ads in uTorrent?Here is a smart way to remove ads in uTorrent without using any software.This trick helps you to disable ads in uTorrent without installing any software. You just need to go to “Preferences” panel and turn

How To Add Multiple Accounts in Facebook Messenger App?

Facebook Messenger is finally supporting multiple account sign-ins. However, this new feature is only available on Android devices and we’re not sure yet when the developers will release it for other operating systems.Facebook has mentioned that it has released this feature for the situation where multiple people share a single

How to Add Speech Recognition to your Website

How to Add Speech Recognition to your Website Open the Google website on your desktop computer and you’ll find a little microphone icon embedded inside the search box. Click the icon, say something and your voice is quickly transcribed into words. Unlike earlier speech recognition products, you no longer have

Create Your Own Widgets for Personalized Screen in Android

Android provides its users something you don’t get with any other operating system.Widgets have also been a characteristic of Android for a long time.Usually applications will come with pre-made ones or multiple widgets that you can drag and drop onto your home screen to have quick access to the app’s