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Tips and Tricks to Solve Common Miui Problems

23 Tips and Tricks to Solve Common Miui Problems Xiaomi is not only about high specifications yet affordable smartphones, more importantly is the MIUI system that comes together with the phones. Up to date, MIUI has been developed until MIUI 7 and yet, improvements are being introduced weekly with the

Android Marshmallow Tips,Tricks & Hidden Features

The latest generation of android-Android 6.0 Marshmallow brings many new updates,features,bug fixes and changes.However,as everyone can’t dig deep to find all those hidden features here we have exposed them.Go through these tips,tricks and hidden features and let us know what you think about them. RAM Manager Android Marshmallow is all

Tips To Follow Before Applying For Adsense

Must Read Google Adsense Policies These days getting an adsense approval is very easy as google changed its terms and conditions.There shouldn’t be any problem if you are a new website owner.Even though if google rejected your application then try the below tips.You will definitely get adsense approval.I promise it!

Choose a Android Phone that best suits you!

How To Choose a Android Phone that best suits you? Planning to buy a new android phone! Here are some of the tips to choose a right android phone.With the innumerable Android smartphone launches every week, users looking for a new phone are bit confused about which handset to buy.Google