10 Best music player apps for your Android

10 Best music player apps for your Android
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Best music player apps for Android

Get the best music experience with these amazing music player apps.The Google Play Store has many music related apps to choose from, but some do stand out from the crowd. It’d be impossible to look at all of them, so here we’ve chosen 10 best music player apps. Let’s take a look!

Just Music Player

Just Music player is a multi purpose music player for tablets and smartphones. Enjoy the best music experience in your Android device with best high quality sound. Browse and play songs on your device faster with this app.In JMP you will find 100.000+ artists and songs, stable streaming, 30+ Genres.

Simple and Easy to use free MP3 player and streamer! Free Just Music Player supports all files! Enjoy your favorite music with equalizer, best high quality sound, visualizer, playlist organizer, album art and album cover, share option, folders, bass booster and volume booster, skins, lyrics and so on.

You can use this player with shuffle like offline music player! With JMP you can always enjoy free audio tracks online and offline from your SD card (external device memory or from internal phone/tablet storage). In Online music you can see 30+ Genres Charts with all top songs and artists by genres, Top Chart with the top and the best music you’ve ever listened and Global Music Search.

justmusic best music player app
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Neutron Music Player (Eval)

Neutron is the professional music player with a high quality 32/64-bit audio rendering engine which provides the best possible sound quality on an Android device.

Neutron features a sophisticated UI with advanced controls for music playback along with high quality implementation of Parametric EQ, Surround, Crossfeed and other digital sound effects. It can play music from almost any source including network devices with SMB/CIFS or UPnP/DLNA® support.

Neutron is developed for audiophiles and those who really in love with music. Consider using Hi-Fi/Hi-End audio hardware for best results.

It is a time limited (5 days) evaluation version (full-featured). Paid version (unlimited):Here
neutron best music player app
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MusixMatch Player

Musixmatch offers something a little different. As well as a sleek, elegant interface for listening to your music, it also comes with the Floating Lyrics widget, which syncs lyrics to music that you listen to, and lets you read lyrics as you’re listening to songs on your default music player,Spotify,YouTube and various other music apps.

You can even type lyrics into the widget and it’ll find the matching song on your device. It’s this unique widget that makes Musixmatch a real winner.musixmatch best music player app

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jetAudio Music Player

This is one of the better music players on Android, mainly because of its strong host of tweaks and effects you can add when listening to your music. Plugins include the AM3D Audio Enhancer and Bongiovi DPS, which enhances sound processing in a way that true audio enthusiasts will appreciate.

Pay US$4.99 for the Plus version, and you get a whole load of widgets, viewing options, pitch shifting and much more, making this possibly the most tinkery music player out there.

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This is an all-round media player that handles video and music with equal aplomb. On the music side of things, it has a feature that recognizes your music – even without tags – and matches it up with artwork and lyrics.Install on Google Play

This ensures that there will be few blank spaces or generic musical notes when you’re browsing your library and admiring the album covers.

There is also Mood Player, which automatically creates playlists based on how you tell the app you’re feeling, and when you’re online, you get further listening recommendations based on your favorite tunes.


As one of the most popular music players for Android, Poweramp is a safe bet for your musical needs. Album art and lyrics can be integrated into the player, and it provides an impressive 10-band equalizer to help tweak your sound output. You can even save your EQ presets, allowing you to set up specific ones for specific headphones.

The only downside is that Poweramp displays the directory names of the songs and albums in your library when you are browsing, which looks untidy.

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PlayerPro Music Player

Also hovering around the top of the Android music player app chart is PlayerPro Music Player. Like Poweramp, lyrics and album art can be downloaded and displayed while playing music. There are also different skins, themes and extensions, which you can use with this player to help customize your experience.

Song tags can be edited directly from the app and it even has scrobbling support for sites such as so that you can sync your listening habits. PlayerPro comes with a variety of options for lock screen widgets that provide you with quick access to the music player, and its features are rounded off with smart playlists, which adapt to your listening habits.

playerpro best music player app

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n7player Music Player

This best music player app offers something a little different; a tag cloud, where artists and song names are displayed on your screen, in varying sizes, depending on how much you listen to them. It looks great, and comes with its own EQ with haptic feedback. Creative, with some interesting use of multi-touch, n7player is definitely worth checking out.

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Rocket Player

Rocket Player is a feature-rich underdog that competes against some of the bigger names and offers various downloadable templates and themes. While the free version gives you a pretty standard batch of options, the US$3.99 Premium version also offers left/right balance control, preamp, and more audio formats.

An extensive search option lets you search across different tags, playlists and composers, and the whole thing feels intuitive and easy to use thanks to a recent Material Design-style update.

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Stellio Music Player

If you want the best music player app with amazing ui then this is it.Stellio player theme depends on cover art color.It supports 12 Bands equalizer and 14 effects.It even supports android wear!

Powerful audio engine:
– Crossfade – Smooth transition from one track to another
– 12 bands equalizer and 13 audio effects: VolumeAmp, Speed, Tone, Balance, Echo, Reverb, AutoWah, Flanger, AGC, Z-Bass, Z-Mids, Z-Treble, Compression
– Support playlist file: .cue .pls .m3u
– Supports a large number of rare audio formats: WavPack(.wv .wvc), Monkey(.ape), MusePack (.mpc .mpp .mp+), Lossless (.mp4 .m4a .m4b), AAC (.aac .mp4 .m4a .m4b ), FLAC (.flac), Speex (.spx .wav .oga .ogg), Opus (.opus), Samples (.wav .aiff .mp3 .mp2 .mp1 .ogg), MOD music (.xm .it .s3m .mod .mtm .umx)

stellio best music player app
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What is your best music player?Let everyone know in the comments below  😀

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  1. Here are free applications to stream and playback music I can’t live without:
    MyAudioStream Lite – Android Apps on Google Play, playback or stream music stored on the servers, like NAS, PC (Serviio installed or a Windows Media Player), MAC.
    Play any popular format and stream the songs directly without conversion or plugs.
    Bubble UPnP BubbleUPnP UPnP/DLNA License – Android Apps on Google Play, also stream and playback all the songs with Chromecast support, as an addition.
    Shazam app Shazam – Android Apps on Google Play, that finds any song you are listening to at the moment and can be downloaded in advance to your phone.
    Open FM Open FM – Android Apps on Google Play a best radio time as for me.
    Sometimes like to try my music skills and for that use DJay Free djay FREE – DJ Mix Remix Music – Android Apps on Google Play, such a fun and relax.
    Choose yours!


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