5 Very Useful Online Time Saving Tools

5 Very Useful Online Time Saving Tools

This article is written to aim 5 very useful online time saving tools.

It’s an old saying that time is relative, and we all currently reside in a world where the majority of the population feels like that they have less and less time for themselves.

This comes as no surprise, because while the expansion of technology brought some amazing things to our lives, it also has us stuck on the screen of our devices more than ever, and this is where most of our free hours go.

Another important aspect of this issue is that a lot of individuals, in fear of change or just plain laziness, refuse to give up their old and outdated behaviors, disregarding the new and better ways to perform specific tasks.

Today we will introduce a couple of very useful and liberating tools and apps, which if you decide to use them, will leave a lot of free time in your hands.

Lets take a look at 5 very useful online tools.

5 Very Useful Online Time Saving Tools

1. Tripit

Tripit is considered as one of the best apps for organizing traveling, handling all of your travel plans in one place. It can be used on all devices, and it functions by the user forwarding all of his confirmation emails to Tripit, which then creates an itinerary of your trip, with all of the details of your future endeavor in one place, well organized and easily accessible.

It also offers a premium paid version, with many handy additions.

This app has more than 12 million customers worldwide.This is #1 among 5 very useful online time saving tools.

5 very useful online time saving tools

2.Invoice by Wave

This app allows you to customize your invoices in a very organized and fun fashion, so everything from picking the right color scheme, selecting the appropriate template and adding your logo can be done in a very quick and user-friendly manner.

There is no limit to the number of invoices that you can send, and this app also has a very convenient programming section, where you can automate repeated sending of desired invoices or estimates.

This is #2 among 5 very useful online time saving tools.

5 very useful online time saving tools


Gimp is a free open source multi-platform image editor that works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux/GNU.

Its open source code allows users to customize the software anyway they like, and the possibility to add 3rd party plugins only expands the number of different changes that can be done to a specific graphic or an image.

No matter what type of visual work you want to perform in Gimp (illustration, photography, graphic design etc), the advanced options this program has to offer will leave you dazzled. This is #3 among 5 very useful online time saving tools.

5 very useful online time saving tools

4. Timely

Time manage is something we need to do in order to increase productivity at work as well as home and Timely is an tool that helps you manage your time in an effective manner.

It records all the time you spend on various apps and present a neat and clean of all your activity that tells how much time you have spend doing what.

So if you are sending emails, checkout on your social media profile, updating content on your blog, preparing financial data in excel, it records everything.

This AI based tool is pretty smart and created by the company located in Norway. It has offices in many countries.

By relying on Timely tool, you can focus on your work which is important to increase the productivity.

5.PDF to Excel Online

In modern business, the number of PDFs in circulation is rather massive.

This is so because of their ability to be viewed on all devices and platforms exactly as they were created, but as a downside they cannot be edited without the use of special tools or software.

This free online tool allows you to quickly convert your PDF back to Excel, which is one of the most frequently used file formats in the world.

This tool offers absolute privacy as no user information is required at all, and the conversion time for standardized file sizes is less than a minute.

These are the apps, tools and software we had prepared for your convenience today, and depending what your area of work is, give some of these helpful apps a try, if not all of them!

This is #5  among 5 very useful online time saving tools.

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