RevenueHits: Best Google Adsense Alternative

RevenueHits: Best Google Adsense Alternative

RevenueHits vs Adsense.When it comes to ad networks, RevenueHits is the best alternative to Google Adsense. Although AdSense is widely used, it has many pitfalls such as Low Earnings, Terms and Conditions,getting approved,rules etc.,

Sometimes you may get rejected by it or you may get a ban due to invalid clicks or fake traffic.At this time, you can use RevenueHits -the best Adsense alternative along with Adsense,Infolinks or Other Ad Networks.

RevenueHits is the best alternative for AdSense according to many user reviews.In this article, I am going to discuss in detail about the best Adsense alternative-RevenueHits.

What is RevenueHits?

RevenueHits is the Best Ad Network which supports contextual ads for both mobile and desktop platforms.It is just like Adsense which counts both impressions and clicks.It uses Geo-Targeting Ads to maximize the revenue of publishers.

The eCPM for this ad network is around 30$ which is really great when compared to other ad networks.For example, it won’t show Indian related ads or banners to visitors coming from US!

revenuehits vs adsense

According to the information, RevenueHits is owned and operated by MyAdWise Ltd – a privately-held, Israel-based start-up company founded in 2008 by some successful tech experts.RevenueHits is basically a CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) based advertising network.So the total revenue depends upon the user actions.

Difference Between Adsense and RevenueHits

There are many differences between AdSense and RevenueHits.Some are:

Here are few major reasons AdSense is not a good option:

    • The earnings are totally limited and minimum payment is 100$.
    • As so many people are using Adsense, there is a very less chance for people to click ads in your site.
    • Ads make your site load very slower.Also, when a user clicks on the ad they are redirected to ad page leaving your page.
    • If you are not targeting US or UK, you are not going to make more money no matter how much traffic you get!

In case of RevenueHits, they won’t just provide you with banner ads but you can also monetize toolbar, widgets and add-ons.

You should definitely try RevenueHits.Let’s discuss the benefits of RevenueHits over Adsense below.

Benefits Of RevenueHits Over AdSense

Major reasons which explain Why RevenueHits is better than AdSense:

    • Getting AdSense approval is always hard.Whereas on RevenueHits your account gets approved immediately.
    • The minimum payment in RevenueHits is 20$ which is less than Adsense.
    • RevenueHits pays very quickly. For example, January earnings will be paid by the end of January month.
    • RevenueHits has payment options such as Paypal, Payoneer and Wire Transfer.Whereas Google Adsense only has Wire Transfer as a payment option.
  • RevenueHits also supports Pop ups, Pop Under, Banners, Sliders etc. which will enable you to earn more when compared to Adsense.

Features Of RevenueHits

For Publishers:

1)Display & Rich Media:Choose any of their various banners sizes and formats that match your site to gain access their huge pool of advertisers. Their algorithm will find the best performing offers for your site to optimize your earnings.It defines revenuehits vs adsense.

2)Text Ads:Why not use the power of text to help you increase the revenues from your site? They offer regular and contextual text ads, which can be integrated with other formats in your site, or can stand on its own.It defines revenuehits vs adsense.

3)Pop Ups/Unders:By adding Pop Ups or Pop Unders to your site/app, you will boost your revenue immediately. Their system will display it in a control way in order to optimize your performances.It defines revenuehits vs adsense.

4)Apps & Widgets:You can make money not only from your site, but even from your Apps or Widgets. They have special formats for your needs that will help you monetize your App or Widget.It defines revenuehits vs adsense.

5)XML Feeds:If you want to optimize your search engine results, the best way to do it is by using the suitable XML feed. By adding XML feeds to your website, you provide functionality to it and keep your users satisfied.

6)Custom Formats:In addition to all standard formats, they like to create custom formats according to the publisher’s needs and requests.

For Advertisers:

1)Global Reach:They display 2 BILLION ad impressions every single day, covering tens of millions of unique users across the world.

2)Multiple Verticals:Dating, Mobile, Shopping, Lead Gen, Coupons, Travel, Entertainment, Insurance, Casual Gaming, Software, and more.

3)Cross Platform:Their ads are deployed on a multitude of platforms, including text link ads, banners, toolbars and software bundles.

Sign Up As A Publisher

If you want to sign up as a publisher with Revenue Hits just or click on the image below to get started.

revenuehits vs adsense

You’ll need to fill up your details including your website or mobile app, URL, category and a brief description to get accepted.They will approve your site immediately after reviewing it.So don’t worry about being rejected.

revenuehits vs adsense

Your next step is to provide partner information.Enter your username, password,your name,phone number,skype id etc., Now you have to enter your payment preferences such as payments via PayPal, Wire transfer, Payoneer etc.

Once you have filled all the details and click on “Continue” button a popup will show up asking you to read the terms and conditions. Once you click on it, you’re done with the registration!

Now, you can log into it by entering your login credentials.After entering your login details you will be taken to the dashboard.Dashboard will look like this:

revenuehits vs adsense

To get the ad code simply click on “New Placement” and select either Desktop Placement or Mobile Placement to your liking.You will be then asked to choose the type of ad you need.Click on the ad type you want and you will be taken to the next window.

revenuehits vs adsense

Now you have to give your ad a name,select the site you want to place the ad into and click on “save” to get the ad code.The windows will be as shown below.

revenuehits vs adsense

Now place the ad code in your website and start generating revenue.The more traffic you receive, the more you earn (you already know that :p).This is what defines revenuehits vs adsense.

RevenueHits Payment

Once you make $50 using RevenueHits, you can withdraw your money.RevenueHits pay you via PayPal, Payoneer (Min $20) and Wire transfer ($500 and above).The payments are also made very quick.Remember, they pay on a NET30 basis, so what you earn this month gets paid at the end of the next month.If you are a well known publisher then they will pay you faster without minding NET30.

revenuehits vs adsense

Frequently Asked Questions About RevenueHits:

1)What is RevenueHits?

RevenueHits is an innovative Performance Ad Network that helps publishers to generate more revenues, using a state-of-the-art contextual & geo-targeted Ad-Serving technology. RevenueHits assists publishers to monetize various online assets including websites, add-ons, mobile sites, widgets, toolbars and many more. RevenueHits is owned and operated by Intango Ltd.- a privately-held startup company founded in 2008 by a team of experienced tech professionals, finance experts and successful online marketers.

2)Why should I join RevenueHits as a Publisher?

With more than 2 billion impressions a day, RevenueHits promises 100% fill on ALL GEOS, based on a huge pool of offers from a variety of advertisers and networks worldwide.

3)What eCPM can I make with RevenueHits?

Some publishers enjoy a ratio of up to 30$ eCPM while others make only few cents with their traffic. eCPM depends on many factors uncontrolled by RevenueHits, such as ads positioning, traffic geo, users’ behavior, site content etc. With a decent amount of traffic, RevenueHits will provide you maximum efficiency within few days, including all remnant traffic up to 100% fulfillment of traffic potential.

4)What technical expertises are needed to become a RevenueHits publisher?

No special technical expertises are needed to become a RevenueHits publisher.

5)How much does it cost to use the RevenueHits platform?

Absolutely nothing! Sign up and start earning without a single fee.

6)What offers are promoted by RevenueHits?

Most RevenueHits offers are performance based. There are also lead generations offers as well as CPA deals.

7)Does RevenueHits have any in-house offers?

In parallel to the professional Ad-Network services, RevenueHits maintains its own research and development unit, which is in charge of several in-house web-assets, aiming for best user engagement possible. These get to participate in the RevenueHits ‘game’ in forms of attractive offers, which their performance success is shared with you – the publisher.

8)How does RevenueHits pay?

RevenueHits pays in net 30 terms. For example, January earnings will be paid not later than end of February. ‘Earnings’ per month are your revenues for the current period. The accumulated ‘Balance’ will be paid in the following month.

9)What payment methods does RevenueHits support?

RevenueHits pays via Wire, PayPal or Payoneer. Please make sure your payment details are accurate at all time, under ‘Billing information’ in the ‘Account Info’ section.

10)How frequently stats are updated in publisher dashboard?

Your revenues are calculated once a day and become available until 12pm CST. Although revenues are updated daily, they are still subject to a monthly audit before becoming final. Since stats are gathered from different advertisers and agencies, please allow up to 2 days for stats-update to complete.

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