10 Best keyboard apps for Android

10 Best keyboard apps for Android

These days due to improvement in technology we stopped writing and started typing.So here are the 10 best keyboard apps for you.Smartphone keyboards are never fast enough, never auto correct correctly and often lead to frustration.

Do you relate to these problems?

Then check out our list of the best Android keyboard apps for Android.

GO Keyboard Lite + Emoji

Go Keyboard is the best keyboard which supports emojis.Right now 200 million users worldwide are using their emojis and personalizing their keyboard. GO Keyboard supports 60+ languages and thousands of themes.

The emoji, emoticons and sticker in the keyboard are compatible across all popular apps, like Facebook, Hotmail, Twitter, Snapchat and Whatsapp, etc.There are 10000+ colorful themes compatible with emoji keyboard and new themes are delivered weekly!

You could also set keyboard background wallpaper.Free you with voice input. The more you use it, the better it recognizes what you want and gives you accurate word suggestions.

It also provides various layouts such as QWERTY keyboard, QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboard for pad tablet.

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Ginger Keyboard

The Best Keyboard, with easy-to-use, cool features and free themes.The only free English keyboard that knows how to correct your grammar, spelling and punctuation quickly and efficiently.Choose between 1000+ beautiful emoji, emoji art, stickers and animated GIFs.

Over 100 beautiful keyboard themes!Ginger Keyboard understands your writing and gives accurate next-word predictions.

It is extremely helpful everywhere you write.Make the most out of idle time! Play a quick game of Snake, Squash (Pong-like), Copter or 2048 and catch up on the headlines from leading news.

Write faster with Stream (swipe-like) typing.Customize your Android keyboard with the apps you want to have there. Take notes, create events, send emails and chat for a truly optimized and productive mobile flow.

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The Minuum keyboard isn’t your typical QWERTY keyboard. Although the positions of the letters are similar, the entire alphabet appears on the same line.

This means that Minuum is one of the smallest Android keyboards, but it’s also deceptively simple to use.

While it may not be the fastest and it’s quite easy to make mistakes.Minuum is a great keyboard for those who want to be able to see more messages from their conversation on the screen while they type a reply.

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FancyKey Keyboard

FancyKey Keyboard is a free, customized keyboard for Android with cool fonts, 800+ emoji, emoji arts, emoticons, personalized themes, autocorrect input and word predictions.

Main Feature

  • 800+ emoji & emoticons,
  • 20+ funky fonts,
  • Advanced auto-correct & auto-suggest engine,
  • 15+ themes available to choose from,
  • Fully customizable keyboard wallpaper and layout,
  • 30+ typing sounds,
  • Integrated emoji & emoticon keyboard which is compatible across all popular apps,
  • One tap to input nicely crafted emoji compositions,
  • Multiple typing effects,
  • SWIPE input method,
  • 30+ languages,

Take a photo or select a photo from your album or pre-loaded images as background. 5 key styles to customize: White, black, steel, wooden & modern.

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Fleksy delivers a large keyboard and simple gestures to provide record-breaking typing speeds. With a swipe up or down you can correct words from a list of recommendations, while a back swipe will delete a word, and a swipe forward will add a period.

It’s an efficient system, which makes Fleksy our top recommendation for fans of standard typing rather than swiping. There’s also a surprisingly capable ‘invisible’ keyboard plugin, which is cool to show off to friends.

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Possibly the most well-known keyboard app on the Google Play Store, SwiftKey has one of the finest typing interfaces available on Android.

Like Swype, you can type in the traditional manner or use swiping (which SwiftKey calls ‘flow’), and both methods function equally well.

There is a variety of size and layout options including an intriguing “thumb” mode which creates a space between the left and right half of the keyboard.

In addition, SwiftKey is excellent at managing multiple languages and is one of the only keyboards on which you don’t need to manually swap between them.

Just choose the languages you want to use in the settings, and text prediction and special characters will work for all languages automatically. It’s very clever.

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Google Keyboard

Google’s keyboard has a simple and clean interface that just works. Material design themes, a ton of languages, text-to-speech, gesture typing – it has a lot to offer. You can download this keyboard for free in the Play Store with no in-app purchases.

It’s compatible with devices running Android 4.4 and up, so there’s no good reason not to give Google Keyboard a go.

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TouchPal is heavily focused on emojis/emoji art/smileys/pictures, but it also features over 85 languages, swipe/glide functionality, cloud prediction and contextual prediction.

Don’t let its cutesy Play Store description and branding put you off, there is far more to TouchPal than colors and themes; it’s a straight-up keyboard for messaging quickly and comfortably, and should easily make its way onto any best keyboard list.

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Enjoy typing and make your phone’s keyboard more exciting and fun with iKeyboard! iKeyboard is filled with over 100 creative themes with new ones being added every week! If you want, you can even customize your own.

You can search for and send GIFs, gain access to over 1200 emoji(including smileys and emoticons), utilize swipe-to-type, get accurate word-prediction and smart auto-correction, and more!iKeyboard supports 60+ languages!Customize your keyboard with 100+ colorful and customizable themes/skins.1200+ emoji, smileys, and emoticons.

Smooth swipe-to-type feature.Search for and send animated GIFs, stickers.Convenient hashtag search.

Send emoji, stickers among all social apps like facebook, snapchat, messenger, etc.It also supports Night Mode.
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