Best Lesson I Learnt After Joining An Engineering College

Best Lesson I Learnt After Joining An Engineering College
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Best Lessons I Learnt After Joining An Engineering College

This article is completely written from my college experience and i cant guarantee that it happens same with you.I joined engineering in the September month of 2013, and i don’t want to point out my college because everything depends on how you study and what you do.

But in my case, it is different. I am one typo who loves to learn things practically rather than reading and writing the same in exams. Till intermediate, i got used to read and write the same in board-examinations as everyone sitting beside me do the same.

Also my parents, who did their post graduation in the past generation are now government workers who thinks that getting good grades in exams and other competitive exams is enough for a man to succeed.

Best Lesson I Learnt After Joining An Engineering College

According to me, our future cant be decided by the grades we collect in our life but with what value and knowledge we accumulated in the past years.

I wish everyone understands this and not get deluded with the apparent obsessive rate for success.And the fact is most of us tend to cheat in the exams which clearly states how we all were trapped in this stupid educational system.

I have seen a junior of mine who posted this on his facebook timeline and then i decided to write this article.His post goes like this:

He is one of the toughest man I’ve ever seen. I’ve known him for 6 long years. I don’t even know how he looks like when he is sad.
Now he left the whole world leaving just a handful of ashes and memories…..Saying that MARKS marked him.
And this proves how shitty our education system is….
I don’t know on whom I to pity… Everyone say that this is a competitive world and we should make the students run for it..
Wake up everyone.. If you name the Earth a competitive world then it’s time for us to change our category from Humans to Animals..
Only animals compete each other, if they do, they have their own standards. What can the society achieve when a boy of 17 or 18 commit a suicide because of failing a subject. We live in a society where failing or scoring less in a subject is far more bigger crime than committing a murder. What the f**k these marks do to you??
After death,God Yama isn’t going to treat you on the basis of your marks you scored in your academics. It’s all in you. Every child is born with uniqueness. No one is great and no one is the otherwise.
Please stop treating us in accordance with marks. We are the future of our talent and not for BULLSHIT MARKS.
This post is not intended to hurt anyone in any possible way.
If it hurts anyone then we’re deeply sorry.
Our intention is very clear and we don’t want to let our friends die.

I dont know what happened to his friend, but that made me emotional.Also, i have seen a lot of friends who are struggling very hard to fight this present world.Why is this all happening? What the f**k is wrong with this education system?

I have an answer for this. I may not be a successful person in my life yet (according to my parents), but this is the bitter truth.As you cant change the educational system, change yourself.Concentrate on what your are interested off and start putting your efforts on it.

And also i know that, people (mainly parents) will only listen to successful persons.What i mean is: If a guy is successful and is earning a lot (doesn’t matter if he is a doctor,an engineer,an entertainer, a politician or someone else), our parents listen to him.

Yes, he is successful just because he chased his dreams. But in my case, education is the only dream i have to chase as of my parents will. They always speak about present society as if they are from this generation. Dont even mind about anyone.Haters gonna hate.Just do what you love!

Best Lesson I Learnt After Joining An Engineering College

I have several examples with me which prove that present education system is absolutely shit.Here are those:

1)I always sit infront of my laptop searching for new technology and different ways to serve people.As i said iam a tech guy, everyone around come to me (i stay in a hostel at present) when they have a problem with their mobile phones, computers, softwares or any applications.

And i used to solve them putting my work aside, just because i love doing it.As everyone know fixing an android software such as flashing roms, installing recovery, etc., stuff is common to a tech guy like me.

But people around me dont even know that basic stuff and they would have spent a lot of money repairing their phones at service centers without me. This is where i like me.Do what you love, not what you are taught to.

2)At present iam in 4th year, pursuing computer science.I got a lot of backlogs in many core subjects as i dont want to study all those crappy subjects which are useless for a person to succeed. And finally, the time has arrived: its time to create mini projects.

My classmates does coding very well in computer lab and writes programs in exams.Also they doesn’t even have any backlogs but still they dont know how to create an android app, create a ppt and basic stuff of a computer. And here it goes, they all are buying projects paying around 5000 rupees to private institutions.

Those who are fed up with those IEEE projects rush to me asking me to do their projects.This is also a reason where i like me. With this example i can say that present education system is nothing! All you need is brain and guts to succeed in your life.

3)Also i will show you best examples which are happening around us.Look at these articles below which are really emotional:

Also there are many things happening around us which we don’t know.There are so many successful entrepreneurs around us, just because they have brains not just education.

Also i have a screenshot of a guy posting his experience.I forgot the actual article from where i took the screenshot.Here is the picture:

Best Lesson I Learnt After Joining An Engineering College

This is what i want to conclude. Don’t always depend on education.There are so many successful persons without degrees.Also present education system and society in india is totally corrupted, where some illiterates are having BMW,Audi etc., cars with their political background and properties.Concentrate on what you are capable of! Be the best and prove everyone that education is not everything!


  1. Good article.This motivated me so much. And yes, india is shit where we have to only study to show the society what we are upto and i hate that.

  2. really awesome awesome article… very motivating and real facts about our educational system too…. feeling proud to say you as my friend


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