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Choose a Android Phone that best suits you!

Choose a Android Phone that best suits you!
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How To Choose a Android Phone that best suits you?

Planning to buy a new android phone! Here are some of the tips to choose a right android phone.With the innumerable Android smartphone launches every week, users looking for a new phone are bit confused about which handset to buy.Google has unveiled a new tool that recommends handsets to users based on their preferences, gleaned by making users answer a few questions.

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The “Find a phone for you” tool is part of the company’s Android site. Describing the tool, Google says, “With many Android phones to choose from, here’s a great place to start. Answer three or more quick questions, and we’ll suggest phones just for you.”

The tool asks users to choose what their next “Android phone is for”, giving 12 options – Taking photos; Listening to music; Being productive; Social media; Gaming; Watching videos; Being on the go; Staying fit; Texting & instant messaging; Talking; Web browsing; and Expressing my style.

Depending on their selection, users are shown further questions essentially asking them to detail how many hours a day they spend in their chosen use case. Users have to choose at least three options, and then click on “Show Me Phones” to view the recommended handsets.

Users in the results page can also filter the smartphones based on carriers, sizes, prices, and latest phones. If unfiltered, the results show flagship handsets like LG G4, Samsung Galaxy S6/ Galaxy S6 Edge, HTC One M9, and more.

Each handset in the results has reasons for the selections shown, or rather its best attributes, such as ‘social multi-tasker’ and ‘balanced speed & endurance.’ It is not known just how many brands Google’s database includes. So while the results are limited, the tool can help lead user in the right direction.


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