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Create Your Own Android Character Using Androidify

Create Your Own Android Character Using Androidify
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Create Your Own Android Character Using Androidify

You can now create your own android character using Androidify. You can name him, change color, change height and weight and you can dress him up with different shirts, pants, goggles, hair style, hair color, moustache, hats and shoes.

After creating your character you can also give him a signature move. Then, you can share your character or you can download it in .gif format. I absolutely loved doing it and i hope you will love it too. So here are the steps to create your own android character.


Steps To Create Your Android Character

Before we begin here is my character:


  1. Go to Androidify website here.
  2. Choose a name by clicking on “name me“.
  3. You can change the height and size of the android by holding left click and dragging him left or right. You can do this with androids head, body and legs.
  4. Start dressing him up by choosing your desired color, dress, pants, shoes, moustache, hair, goggles, hats etc.,
  5. Click “Next” which is present on the right side of the screen and select a signature move there.androidify
  6. Click on “Done” which is on the right side of the screen.Give a name and hometown to the character and tick the agreement.
  7. Click on “Submit” and you can either share or download the character.

Here is a short video of my character. Hope you like it :p

There are huge options available to dress him up.So check each and everything properly and then move to the next item. Also there is a gallery created by others. You can download any character you want by clicking on it. Please dont forget to disable your adblocker or else you wont be able to share or download your character.

Hope you like this article. Please share this and feel free to comment below 🙂


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