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How To Download Windows 10 Apps Manually ( Appx Files )

How To Download Windows 10 Apps Manually ( Appx Files )
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AppX is the application distribution file format that was introduced with Microsoft Windows 8.Appx files cannot be seen in Microsoft storage as they are hidden.Apps you download from microsoft store will be in .appx file extension.So there is a way to download windows 10 apps as if you do with .apk files(this method is for mobile apps,not pc).

windows 10 appsWith these downloaded windows 10 apps you can transfer and install them in any phone you want.However, some apps have license verification and they cannot be installed using this method.Below are the steps to download those apps from Microsoft servers.

Note:This method only works with windows 10 mobile apps,but not with windows 8 mobile apps and pc apps.

How To Download Windows 10 Apps manually

  1. Download Charles ( ).Charles is a web debugging proxy software which shows all the network data which is being transmitted.With the help of Charles,you can find the source of appx file so that you can download the .appx file.
  2. Open it and connect your Windows 10 Mobile with same WIFI as that of PC.
  3. Go to WiFi settings in you windows 10 mobile.
  4. Click on it.
  5. Click on Proxy.
  6. Choose ” Manual Setup “.
  7. Write your PC name in place of  “Address “.
  8. Write 8888 in place of ” Port “.Now Charles will show data from your Windows 10 Mobile.
  9. Start downloading Any app or game you want from Windows Store. It might show error but click on retry.
  10. Once the download is finished. Go to Charles.
  11. Find ” ” and click on it.
  12. You will find something like this ”….lROsaEqCZSA%3d ” ( Here its for Action Note app )
  13. Copy it and visit it on any browser and you will be able to download the appx files.
  14. However the link won’t work after 5 minutes as I think its storing the cache of the app. But using this trick you can download any W10M apps. Even CORE apps like Store.

Alternatively,you can download the apps from THIS site.

Or if you want a separate app to download you can use Appx & Xap Downloader.

Now you don’t have to worry about apps being downloaded again and again.This tutorial will help you to save a lots of internet data.

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