Five Unknown Facts About Spy Apps

Five Unknown Facts About Spy Apps
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Five Unknown Facts About Spy Apps

We know that spy apps can be used remotely and they work in stealth mode – meaning that the user of the dubbed “target device” has no idea and has no way of knowing that he or she is being monitored. Additionally, such apps tend to provide you will one-click access to the target devices’:

  • Text Messages
  • Emails
  • Calls Logs and Records
  • Contact List
  • Reminders and Appointments
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Installed Apps
  • Web Browsing History
  • Media Files
  • Camera and Microphone
  • GPS Location
  • Keystrokes

spy apps

And much more without a single blip. It also comes equipped with the ability to record all the forth-mentioned data online which you may excess whenever you may please. But there are a few things about spy apps that rarely do people ask and even a lesser population knows properly. A few of such lesser-known facts are:

  • SIM Cards are not Affected By the Use of Spy Apps

The most common myth concerning spy app usage is that whether or not the SIM card is affected if an XYZ person starts monitoring your phone without your knowledge.

The answer would be no. If you think that you are being spied upon and you decide to change your phone that means that your phone is no longer the target device since almost all spy applications are affiliated with the device and not your SIM card. Therefore using the same SIM card is perfectly safe.

  • Do Not Requite Jailbreaking and Rooting

What most of the people are unaware of is the fact that spy apps no longer require Jailbreaking and rooting which makes it way easier to keep tabs on anyone.

These features are very useful for parents and employers who do not want to void the warranty of their devices and expose them to threats as jailbreaking and rooting has serious consequences.

  • Keeps Your Device Safe From Theft

The word spy gives a very negative image to these apps when they can save you a lot of your money by keeping your device safe from theft. If you keep confidential information on your smartphone or laptop just like most of us do then you may install these apps on all your devices.

These apps have the ability to track GPS location of the device making it easier to find the device if it goes missing or is stolen. You may also use these apps to keep snoopers away as this monitors every single activity being done on the target device making it easier for you to know if anyone tries to get unauthorized access to it.

  • Allows you to Disconnect Target Device from the Outside World

Another uncommonly known fact about spy app is that some spy app service provides allows you to temporarily disconnect the device from all sorts of network connections.

It means that if your child has just left the house and you know that he/she would be driving then you can temporarily disconnect his/her smartphone from the outside world.

This way your child will not receive any call, text or anything at all that might distract his/her while driving and be responsible for causing an accident or something similar.

  • Unauthorized and Uninformed Use of Spy Apps is Illegal

Finally, another one of the most frequently asked question yet the one least answered is whether or not the use of spy applications is legal.

Take this example, if you have a gun you can use it to murder somebody, or you can use it to protect yourself from the murderer. If you used it for the first reason, then you are definitely in the red, but if the purpose for using the gun was protecting yourself, then no one in their right minds would charge you as a criminal.

The same goes for spy apps. If you are using is to keep an eye on your child who is a minor or if your are monitoring your employee via company owned and only company owned hardware, then you have all the rights to do so.

But if you are going to use it to stalk other people like 99% of spy app users usually do, then you are definitely doing something illegal and can be charged heavily with fines and jail time if caught.


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