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Fix Lenovo Zuk Z1 Network Issue-No Network

Fix Lenovo Zuk Z1 Network Issue-No Network
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Fix Lenovo Zuk Z1 Network Issue-No Network

So many people are having network issue with their Lenovo Zuk Z1 phones.I found a simple trick to make it work. This error actually occurredΒ due to Lenovo Zuk Z1’s frequency band which is incompatible with many networks.

I have tried a lot of workarounds like rebooting phone into safe mode,disabling aeroplane mode and restarting the phone.None of them actually worked.So i advice you to follow the steps mentioned below for your phone to run normally again.

Please Read This

First of all,you need to have a custom recovery installed in your phone.To do this you have to unlock your phones bootloader which will void your warranty.

Unlocking bootloader will erase your files.So please take a backup before proceeding. Its upto you and i am not responsible if you brick your phone.

If you have already unlocked your bootloader and have custom recovery installed skip to step 11.


1)Download and install fastboot drivers in your pc from here.

2)Go to phone Settings>enable ‘OEM unlocking’ under Developer options.If you don’t find developer options then, go to About Phone>Tap 7 times on build number.

2)Turn off your phone and go into bootloader mode by holding Volume Down +Power button together.

3)Once you are in bootloader mode, connect your phone to pc.

4)Open command prompt and type “fastboot -i 0x2b4c devices”.You should see device id like below.

Network Issue

5)Type “fastboot -i 0x2b4c oem unlock-go” and your bootloader will be unlocked.This command also erases all your phones data.

6)It is recommended to restart you phone.Type “fastboot reboot” in the command prompt and your phone will reboot.

7)Disconnect your phone from pc and setup your phone like selecting your language,logging into google etc., and go to bootloader mode again.

8)Download TWRP recovery from hereΒ and place the downloaded file in the desktop.

9)Open command prompt from the desktop by holding shift and then right click.

10)Connect your phone to pc and type “fastboot flash recoveryΒ twrp-3.0.2-0-Z1.img” in the command prompt.

10)Then turn your device off by holding the power button until it gets turned off.Now, go to recovery mode by holding Volume Up+Power button together.

11)You will see TWRP recovery.Now download Lenovo Zuk Z1 Network FixΒ or Mirror 2 and place it in the phones internal storage.

12)Flash the file by going to “install” and select the zip file you have downloaded in the above step.

Network Issue

13)Swipe the bar from left to right to start flashing and then click on “Reboot System“.

14)Now your phones network problem will be fixed.Please wait until your network gets detected.

Hope you like this article.If you have any doubts please let me know in the comments below!


    1. Hey, ya it worked for me.Also you can easily restore the warranty even if you flash it.There are so many methods in XDA to do that.So dont worry about the warranty and give it a try πŸ™‚

      1. MY “LENOVO ZUK Z1 SUDENLY WENT INTO AIRPLANE MODE AND IN THE SCROLL DOWN MENU ITS SHOWING OFF BUT WHEN I LONG PRESS POWER BUTTON IT IS ALWAYS ON AND RADIO SERVICE IS OFF. I AM NOT ABLE TO MAKE ANY CALLS. SINCE TWO DAYS ” hey plz tell me I am facing the same issue Lenovo Zuk Z1 Network Issue-No Network.. the above solution will really help me. Do you have a video of the same.

        1. I know.Even i got the same problem.I tried using *#*#4636#*#* but still i cant change the network mode or turn on the radio.What i did is flashed a custom rom and flashed the zip which i included in this post.And everytime i flash this zip after flashing new rom, network came up.So i thought this is the only file which can fix the network.It is actually a firmware file.

      2. thank you .. can you give me any link of those methods to restore its warranty.. just wanted make sure that i have another option if it doesnt work πŸ˜›

        thanks a lot πŸ™‚

  1. I could not try it yet. I see you talking to install the file after installing a custom ROM. It is not necessary to be a stock rom? Works with any custom or stock rom (COS, ZUI, CM …) ?.

      1. I recovered the connection but I’ll try for a while before rejoicing.
        Earlier, after a month without using any SIM by the “no service/airplane mode on” error, one day I tried out of curiosity and i had regained connection; however, a week after, the “no service / airplane mode on” problem reappeared, first intermittently, then permanently.
        I wiped everything, I flashed different roms, in the end I flashed with QFIL the stock COS rom with his recovery, and there was no way to fix the problem.
        Hopefully you’ve found the ultimate solution. What changes the firmware you created ?.
        Thank you very much.

        1. Hey seth.Good to hear that.I found that file in some custom roms thread.Actually its just a firmware file for zuk z1.But when ever i flash it after installing new custom rom the network came up.I didnt make any changes to the file.I just thought it as a fix for all who are having network issues.

          1. I’m sorry, I did wrong question. I wanted to ask you what change the update to fix the problem. πŸ˜‰

  2. I am sorry but it didn’t worked for me. I have the latest cm13 installed and tried it also with some older cm13 version. What kind of rom do you use ?

  3. hi all:

    I have also joined the club. I inserted the AIRTEL 4G sim into SIM2 slot. it worked for 2 days with intermittently coming and going network. After that both SIMs went out of network till now. I don’t want to try the fix first as my phone is just 1 month old. I’ll take it to the service centre

  4. Sannihith, I tried it yesterday…. As I typed ‘fastboot devices’ it wrote ‘searching for devices’ and did nothing after that. I felt I was about do something wrong to my device and stopped.

  5. You will see TWRP recovery.Now download Lenovo Zuk Z1 Network Fix and place it in the phones internal storage..

    i’m not able to download file from ” Lenovo Zuk Z1 Network Fix” link πŸ™ can you give me another link

      1. Hi Sai ,

        I have tried this, but after flashing with twrp, it is not going to twrp recovery mode. It is still in cyanogen recovery mode. do you know why ? Am i doing anything wrong here ??

        1. Did you unlock your phones bootloader? If yes then after flashing twrp dont reboot the phone.Remove the cable from computer and hold the power button until it turns of.Then boot into recovery mode using volume up+power button.It should work πŸ™‚

          Actually what happens is-if you boot the phone after flashing twrp, the twrp recovery will be replaced.So dont just boot it.Instead directly go to recovery after flashing recovery πŸ™‚

          1. yes i did the unlocking stuff. But i’m not able turn off the phone after doing flash.. when I long press it, phone reboots πŸ™

          2. @vekant
            I have the same Power off problem. I think I rebooted with fastboot back to bootloader and then from bootloader back to recovery mode.
            I also have to enter the recovery wit holding the power button an after vibrating volume up+down at the same time.

  6. Please am using infinix hot x507, i flashed a custom ROM “lenovo vibe” the rom is entirely a lenovo rom. After flashing it the network was fine but after rebooting device it could no longer detect my two sims. I tried flasing other roms but same network issue untill i flsshed stock rom through sp flash tool. Will this fix work for me since its an infinix phone running on lenovo vibe rom? Await your response thank you

  7. how to fix in the absence of a pc.Can we file a suit against the co .The network fix file,download failed four times.Will the service centre solve this “No service”issue.If not then where shall the customer go.

    1. Without pc you cant unlock thee bootloader. I have added mediafire mirror too.Also if you give the phone to service center, they will simply change the motherboard and give you. But the problem comes back again coz it is not the issue of hardware.

  8. Thanks sir it worked. You are my phone saver. I tried flashing so many custom roms but none of them worked.What i did is-i flashed the original cyanogenmod and flashed your file.The network came up.Thanks a ton πŸ™‚

  9. Huge thanks for this fix. I thought of giving my phone to service center but i was afraid of warranty coz i unlocked the bootloader and flashed another custom rom. But now there is no need of service center.Thank you so much bro

  10. Hi Sai,
    I am also using ZUK Z1 facing the same network issue. I read your article. Not sure what to do. I understood that i needs to download this link in my lapi. Then how i can update that firmware update in my ZUK phone? Could you elaborate more steps for easy understanding.

    1. Hey satish.I have written each and every step.Please read the post from step 1.It is very clear there.If you dont know what it is then try to look up for someone who knows how to flash twrp recovery on your phone.

  11. i have downloaded that drivers and i have installed then I enabled oem unlocking in developer options then in advanced reboot i have rebooted to bootloader and connected to pc. when i have typed “fastboot device”in command prompt its shows waiting for device and does not detect it.
    please help me it has been 15 days since my network is not working.i am so worried about it .when I went to service center they said that waranty is not valid on my phone since it has some small damge on its body.even if it has any problem they are asking 25 working days for it.i had showed in many private service centers but they said they cant do that and they dont know how to do that .so i dont have any other way than this .please reply me fast

  12. Thank you Sai for sharing this. But sad thing is it did not work for me. I tried it with COS 12 and CM13. But no use. Will try a few more time and will restore stock OS to get it repaired at Service Center.

  13. fastboot keeps waiting – nothing happens
    i think usb driver issue – its not recognized as mtp – say “MTP USB Device – Failed”
    where do you get the drivers from – ive found two online but both arent working with USB Mass Storage and MTP – cant see my phone contents on pc
    infact adb doesnt even show device unless i run lenovosmartservice and then adb works

      1. downloaded
        no devices showing in both adb and fastboot
        it shows only in adb when lenovosmartservice is started

      1. There is nothing much to say about the step.Just go to the folder where you have installed fastboot and open command prompt there(by holding shift and right click-mouse you can see open command window here option).Then type fastboot devices πŸ™‚

  14. It didn’t work for me. I’m from Mexico and as far as I know this model is not compatible with lte here in my country, I was using it with 3g, but know, in preferred network, I can’t change it to 3g, is lte by default.

    I have tried a lot of things, I think in my case is a hardware trouble. I don’t have guarantee because I bought it by internet and I can’t contact the provider, but I’d like to send it to someone to fix it, do you know what can I do?

          1. Yes I already did, but they say that cannot do anything because I bought it in china, and I have to contact the Chinese lenovo center in order to claim the guarantee in that country, but I think that is almost impossible. πŸ™

            I also asked him if I they could fix my cellphone no matter I had to pay and said that is not possible.

  15. I did everything as suggested. But my problem is still present. Moreover, I cannot even select other than LTE in networks. But in *#*#4636#”#* its like gsm/wcdma/LTE.

    Can you please tell me how to get my phone back to previous condition for warranty purpose.


  16. Cyanogen-os Has its on Recovery so What if I directly boot in recovery mode and install this patch in the option “Instal Update” will it going to work???

  17. Bro, Can you please make a Youtube video showing all these steps in detail?? That will help alot and you can earn by Youtube monetary policy too, cheers! Thanks in advance.

      1. Below are the commands used by me:

        C:\adb>adb devices
        List of devices attached
        34c7**** device

        C:\adb>adb reboot bootloader

        C:\adb>fastboot -i 0x2b4c devices


        It get stuck at “waiting for device”

  18. On step 10 after typing the said command my cmd is stuck on “waiting for device”. Also, when I long press the power button the phone restarts. what to do now?

      1. I will try again to do it. One query: Many apps in my Zuk Z1 are working on WiFi data only. They simply don’t work on mobile data. Can this fix solve that problem too?

      2. Its done. πŸ™‚ I installed lenovo usb drivers and in step 8 instead of placing file on desktop i placed it in adb folder in C: drive

  19. I’m facing the same problem for the past 2 days. I’ve tried flashing this zip many times but it didn’t work. Maybe because I tried only custom roms (cm13 and cm14) , it didnt work.

    Can you provide me the link the link of the Rom / COS in which it worked.

    Thanks in advance

  20. Hi Sai Sannihith, Thanks for the detailed tutorial, but I have a problem. I did all steps (except one)
    -adb.exe installed, bootloader unlocked, but @step6, it failed to reboot, showed “waiting for device”
    -as a workaround, downloaded TWRP app from “Play Store” & installed
    -flashed twrp-3.0.2-0Z1.img from the same source (via app)
    -TWRP recovery > ~Network installed (as your image)
    -Swipe to reboot
    But shows no sim card.
    I’m at my wits end, pls help

    Note: I rooted & installed CM13 , when I faced this network issue.

  21. hello sir,as u suggested this process for no network issue,but i facing a problem in which signal is weak as compare to other mobiles,actually way more weak,what can i do to solve it


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