Folder Lock 2.1.3 For Android Launched

Folder Lock 2.1.3 For Android Launched
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Folder Lock 2.1.3 For Android Launched

Our smartphones are considered the most personal of devices. We naturally save all of our personal contacts, images, videos, documents and other sensitive details in our smartphones. However, when it comes to smartphone privacy, many people ignore the various risks that come with saving sensitive information on these devices.

Every year, thousands of people become victim to identity fraud due to lost or stolen smartphones. Many people believe that locking their smartphone with a passcode will keep hackers from getting to their personal data.

While this is true to some extent, there are other ways in which hackers are able to get to your personal data. Then there’s the risk of insiders, such as your co-worker, girlfriend, wife or others who may have access to your smartphone’s passcode, what about these people?

How do you hide extremely personal data from them? Well the answer is Folder Lock for Android. Folder Lock is the world’s bestselling desktop encryption software, with over 40+ million users globally, and just recently, Folder Lock for Android 2.1.3 was released, this version update is by far the most stable, most enhanced version available on the play store.

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You may be wondering; how does Folder Lock allow me to safeguard my personal data? Well, Folder Lock has a set of well-defined features that allows users to lock, hide and organize their data, these include photo hiding, video hiding, secured gallery, secured wallets, secured notes, document hiding, secured wallets, secured audio and cloud backup option. The following is a brief breakdown of Folder Lock features.

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Folder Lock Features

  • Photos and Videos:

In the Photos and Videos option, you have the option to import entire folders of videos and images, or you could take images from within Folder Lock’s secure interface.

You can import images from the browser and lock those images in Folder Lock. The purpose of this feature is to prevent others from discovering your sensitive images and videos on your Android smartphone.

folder lock

  • Secured Notes:

Whether you have a secret to-do-list or simply want to write down your secret thoughts, you can do so with the secured notes feature. All your important notes stay hidden and will be inaccessible by other users who may have access to your smartphone.

folder lock

  • Wallets:

Credit card information and bank account details are perhaps one of the most sensitive of all details, Folder Lock for Android allows you to create secured virtual wallets. You can create a wallet for virtually any card.

Whether you want to save your driving license details, passport number, debit card or credit card number, you have the option to save and access this information in a secure environment.

folder lock

  • Cloud Backup option:

You also have the option to back up your data, this ensures that if your Android phone crashes or you change phones, you still have the option to download all your sensitive data onto your new device through your personal cloud account.

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  • Secondary security features:

Folder Lock comes with secondary security features, which makes it impossible to crack and discover by anyone. These secondary security features include Panic switch, decoy mode, Fake login and stealth mode.

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