Free Fire for PC: Windows 10/11 and MacBook

The much popular and loved game Garena Free Fire is only available on Google Play Store and App Store for download on Android or iOS phones.

But what if you want to download it and play it on your PC?

Then here’s a thing that would definitely interest you- you can now play Free Fire on Windows 10 or on your MacBook.

So, if you are excited like us to play Free Fire on your computer, then gather all your attention and read this guide to find out how you can do this.

What is Garena Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire, or simply Free Fire, is a free-to-play action shooter game in the battle royale category.

Developed and published by Garena in 2017, the game became the most downloaded mobile game app all around the world in 2019.

It also received Google Play Store’s “Best Popular Vote Game” award in 2019.

And this is not all about this multiplayer game, they also organize esports like the Free Fire World Series which had a $2 million prize pool and the Free Fire Continental Series.

In fact, in the first quarter of 2021, Free Fire surpassed PUBG Mobile in terms of the revenue earned.

Its Gameplay:

Garena Free Fire is an action-adventure game played from a third-person perspective.

This online-only game consists of 50 persons falling with a parachute on an island upon landing where they search for weapons and equipment to survive till the last by killing other players.

You can drive vehicles and explore the entire map with your friends like a real-life battle royale.

Hide under the bushes or in the grass, use snipers with high-level scopes to kill the target with precision.

Players are free to choose their landing position, take any weapon and medical equipment to increase their game life.

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There are team modes, single-player modes, and only two-player modes.

There is a safe area that continuously shrinks and the health decreases for the players outside this area which makes them ultimately die if they are unable to enter this zone.

The smooth and realistic graphics along with in-game voice chat and text chat options of this game give you the best survival experience.

The app also involves some in-game purchases to enhance the look of your character and enjoy other benefits of the game.

Free Fire for Windows & Mac

PC requirements to play Garena Free Fire:

Due to the lack of an original PC app for Garena Free Fire and the usage of an emulator, there are some restrictions for the computer you will play the game on:

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 and above
  • Processor: AMD or Intel hard core processor
  • RAM: the PC must have at least 4 GB of RAM or more. A larger space ensures smooth processing of the game.
  • Storage space: the PC must have at least 5-6 GB of free storage space for the game files to be stored. A larger space ensures smooth processing of the game.
  • You must be the Administrator of the PC.
  • Ensure that the graphic drivers and other things in the PC are up to date.

Recommended PC requirements:

Below-mentioned is the system requirements that we recommend you to use for the best experience:

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 or macOS 11
  • Processor: AMD or Intel multi-core processor with the single thread benchmark being less than 1000.
  • Graphics: Nvidia, Intel or ATI, Discrete or Onboard controller with the benchmark score being up to 750.
  • RAM: the PC should have 8 GB or more RAM
  • Storage space: SSD or Fusion/ Hybrid drives should be installed
  • The PC must be connected to a broadband connection.
  • It should have up to date graphic drivers.
  • And virtualization must be enabled.

Garena Free Fire for PC- Windows/Mac:

As mentioned earlier, unfortunately, Free Fire is not available for download on PC – Windows or Mac.

But there is a comprehensive and effective way to download and play it on your PC.

For this, you would require an emulator. An emulator will make your PC act as a Mobile so that it can play the game without any error or restriction.

Today, we will be telling you about the fastest and lightest android emulator in the market- BlueStacks. You would have already heard its name, and if not then do give it a try.

To download the BlueStacks 5 android emulator, follow the given steps:

  • Download and install Blue Stacks on your laptop for free. Go to your browser and type and hit search.
  • With this emulator you will be able to access the Google Play Store, just the way you do it on your phone.
  • Sign-in to your Google Account and search for Garena Free Fire in Play Store’s search bar.
  • Once you find it, click to install it.
  • Once the download is complete, you can click on the game icon on your home screen and play it without any trouble.

The process is very fast and will hardly take a few minutes to finish.

This emulator is highly compatible with lower-end devices also. You can also enjoy other games using the same emulator.

This Free Fire game will run on most versions of Windows (running on either 32-bit or 64-bit versions) and Mac.

So, the users with limited screen and graphic issues on their mobiles, can now easily enjoy the game on their Pc whether Windows or MacBook.

BlueStacks app settings:

Once you have downloaded Free Fire using BlueStacks 5, you can alter the settings of BlueStacks and the Free Fire app to squeeze out the best experience.

For the changes in the Free Fire in-app settings, you can refer to the next section of this article.

With these BlueStacks settings, especially for those who are playing on really low-end PCs, you will achieve the acceptable performance of the app.

You can look for the hamburger menu located on the top-right corner of the screen. Go to Settings and straight away head to the Performance tab.

In this tab, you will find the relevant settings for the CPU, RAM allocations, and other engine settings to level up its performance.

If you are using a PC with 2 GB RAM, we recommend you allow BlueStacks to consume the entire RAM while using it.

This will help the system to entirely focus on the game.  So, you must go to the Task Manager and manually terminate all other unnecessary tasks or apps processing in the background.

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Free Fire in-game settings:

After you have downloaded the game and set up BlueStacks according to your PC, now is the time to alter the in-game settings of Free Fire.

You must launch the game and log in with your account. Now, go to its settings and click on the Display tab.

Here, look for graphics parameters where you can change the settings according to your PC’s hardware specifications.

Go for the lowest settings if you are using a low-end system. The graphics quality will reduce but with 60 FPS (Frame Per Second), the game will run smoothly and make it easier for you to aim and shoot at the moving enemies.

However, if the PC meets the recommended requirements mentioned above, you can freely go for high-level settings for the best graphics quality and game performance.

Free Fire Control settings:

To know all the current controls of the game, launch it and press Ctrl + Shift+ A. All the controls will be displayed on the screen along with the options to modify them.

The complex control system of Free Fire on PC gives you complete control of the game using the mouse and keyboard.

To modify the control: click on the desired shortcut displayed on the screen and then input the new shortcut you want.

You can also add new shortcuts by dragging the shortcuts or functions from the right-side menu to that point of the screen where you want it to be; afterward, give this function a shortcut button from your mouse or your keyboard.

You can also change the sensitivity settings from this control panel. To access these, click on the Keymapping tool and right-click on Aim, Pan, and Shoot control shortcuts displayed on your screen.

In the new Aim, pan, and shoot settings panel, you can change the settings according to your preference.

The mouse sensitivity X and Y settings will alter the sensitivity of horizontal and vertical aiming, respectively.

Some FAQs:

  • Is it possible to play Garena Free Fire on low-end PCs? As you would have seen, that the requirements for the PC are not that high, so you would be able to play Free Fire on low-end PCs also.
  • Can we play Free Fire on a PC without a graphics card? As onboard graphics are not that compatible, the gaming experience will not be to the optimal level but you will be able to play Free Fire.


So, this was the simple yet compact guide for downloading Garena’s Free Fire on your Pc (Windows or Mac) and modifying the settings to get the best possible experience.

Do not forget to check out the requirements of the PC on which you would like to play the game.

We hope it was useful!

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