Freedom 251 Mobile Phone is a Scam or Cheat?

Freedom 251 Mobile Phone is a Scam or Cheat?
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Ringing Bells, a relatively unknown smartphone brand announced its Freedom 251 smartphone with a lot of hype. The highlight was the Rs 251 price tag that got the attention of millions who took to social media to talk about it with many posting on various websites about their wishes to acquire more than one unit of the world’s cheapest smartphone.

Freedom 251, touted as the India’s most affordable smartphone was launched yesterday by Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar at an event in New Delhi.Ringing Bells Pvt. Ltd., the Indian company selling this smartphone, is offering the device for just Rs 251.The company started taking pre-booking for the smartphone from its official website But the smartphone was already landed in several controversies even before the official launch.

Freedom 251 mobile phone is a scam or cheat?

The Freedom 251 looks like yet another iPhone clone, not only on the exterior (complete with the circular home button) but even the app icons appear like a rip-off of what’s found on iOS.

The phone also appears to be a rebranded version of another phone marketed in India by New Delhi-based Adcom. The Adcom Ikon 4 (listed on a number of online shopping sites) shares the same looks and specifications as the Ringing Bells Freedom 251, including the appearance of the Apple-like icons.

Freedom 251 mobile phone is a scam or cheat

It’s just started in India a slogan “Make in India” , which will need sometime to come up with all its own. We should support it. Supporting is not buying, at least not doubt or degrade it with non sensible words. I would recommend everyone to just wait for a few days and then order.


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