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Ultimate Guide To Port Roms to Your Device

Ultimate Guide To Port Roms to Your Device
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Guide To Port Roms to Your Device 

As everyone is fond of creating their own custom roms for their devices we are providing you this article!Please remember that developing a rom is different from porting a rom.Porting a rom is not that difficult if you know what are the essential files in a rom!To port roms you dont need to have any knowledge about android and android file system!

A ROM being ported is when someone takes a ROM from a different phone and “ports” it to their phone. He makes the needed changes for it to boot and work on their device.

This article best works with CM,AOSP & AOKP roms.There are so many methods to port roms.But this method is very easy as it is just a copy-paste work 😀

“To port roms of mediatek devices this method wont work.Please refer your device threads to port roms(mediatek devices)”

Your base rom must be Cyanogenmod, this guide is also known to work on AOSP Android 4.4.You can not port different android versions!Also,devices need to be the same resolution! Also you can not port CM Based roms with AOSP as a base! You can not port CM based roms with AOKP. Same goes for vice verse!You shouldn’t use stock rom as a base rom as it has different modules.

Q. What Is Base Rom?
A. The Rom which Is developed and working for YOUR Device.

Q. What is Port Rom?
A. The Rom that you want to port to your Device.

Q. What Roms Can I port?
A. Any Cyanogenmod Based Roms, and AOSP based.You cannot port AOSP to CM Based roms with this guide. For AOSP you can only port AOSP based roms, same goes for AOKP.

Q. What about Hybrid Roms? Can I port those?
A.Hybrid Roms are based on one Rom with “cherrypicks” of others.Find out what it is based on.If it is based on CM with cherrypick from aosp,slimrom,etc., then use CM as base rom If it is based on AOSP with cherrypicks of CM then use AOSP a base rom.

Things You need to port roms:

  • Winrar – For extracting and building zips
  • Notepad ++ – For editing scripts
  • Tiny bit of experience with the Android File System
  • 20 minutes of your Life
  • A Desktop (Windows/Linux/Mac – Works on all!)



Take any clean CM7, CM9, CM10, CM11, AOKP or AOSP Android 4.4 ROM which is running on your device as Base ROM.


Make a New Folder on your desktop, name it “Project – (Name of Your Device)”. This is our Working Folder.

port roms 1


Inside that folder, Create 2 more folders. One Named “BASE” and one Named “PORT

port roms 2


Extract Your Base Rom to the “BASE” folder using Winrar.


Extract Your Port Rom to the “PORT” folder using Winrar.


Delete addon.d, app, Framework, Fonts, Media and priv-app (if there is one) folder inside System Folder of Base ROM.

port roms 3


Now copy the addon.d, app, Framework, Fonts, Media and priv-app (if there is one) folders inside System Folder of Port rom to the Base rom System folder.


Now Go back to Base Rom folder. Navigate to etc folder (BASE/System/etc) and open init.d folder.


Open init.d Folder (if there is one, if not skip to step 11) in Base ROM and Delete everything except 00banner.


Navigate to init.d folder in Port Rom (PORT/System/etc/init.d). Copy all the files inside of init.d folder of Port Rom to Base Rom. Don’t Copy the 00Banner!


Open permissions folder of Base Rom (BASE/System/etc/permissions). Do the same in the Port Rom.


Pay Close Attention!!! Open permissions folder of Port Rom (PORT/System/etc/permissions). Copy all the permission files to Base Rom’s permission folder except for :



Now open build.prop file using Notepad++ and make changes to these of Base Rom that you want.

Change ro.product.locale.language and ro.product.locale.region if you need different language.


In build.prop file change these to same as Port Rom build.prop values:



You’ve done it! Now all we have to do is to make it into a flashable ZIP. Pay close Attention!

SELECT META-INF, system,file_contexts(if it is one) boot.img, data(if it is one).
Right Click and Select Add to Archive..
Select the Zip button.
Type the Name (Don’t delete “.zip” at the end).
Click OK when ready.

Fixing a Bootloop

Your Port should take less than 5-8 minutes to boot. When the screen dims during boot logo, your Rom has successfully boot.But If your waiting for like 15 minutes, and boot logo is still going, YOU HAVE A BOOTLOOP. Luckily, the fix is easy!


Navigate to “PORT” folder.


Go to lib folder inside System folder of Base Rom.


Inside lib folder search for these libs:

Once you find each, copy them to the lib folder of Base Rom. Right-click lib folder of Base Rom, select paste, and click the box in the lower left corner. Now “Click Move and Replace


All done! Now add to a zip and flash!

This is the original work of Maurice5813,member of xda developers.Iam just resharing to reach you people   🙂

If you know anything more about this article feel free to comment  😀



  1. Hello I Complete All What the Turiolal Say But When I Install The rom CWM show failed and say status 7 i googled it and no post help me to delete this error my base rom lt26w aosp 5.1.1 and my port rom lt26i aosp 6.0.1 Pleaaaase Help Me and Thanks In advance.

    1. Bro you cant port 5.1.1 to 6.0.1
      For example you can port stock 4.4.4 to CM 4.4.4,stock 4.4.4 to AOSP 4.4.4 like that.You can only do with the same versions but not different versions!

  2. sir i have a question…
    i have a custom ios 7 rom based on cm 11 for mtk6572.
    i want to port this rom for samsung galaxy grand duos i9082(cortex processor)
    you have any tutorial?

  3. one more question…
    i also have a custom miui7 rom based on cm 11 (android 4.4.4 based)
    the rom have some bugs like just single sim working and mobile data not working.
    if you have any solution for this then please ask me

  4. jiyau s3+ and desire 828 are similer in terms of soc but have few diff. please check them and reply me. jiyau s3+ have cm14.


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