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How To Add Recycle Bin On Any Android Device

How To Add Recycle Bin On Any Android Device
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Add Recycle Bin Feature On Any Android Device

Adding Recycle Bin to your android device is a cool idea right? You would have seen a recycle bin in a Windows PC,Ubuntu or on Mac.But Android doesn’t have that feature inbuilt.However, you can add recycle bin feature to your android using an app.

Whenever you delete anything on your android it gets permanently deleted and you won’t be having any option to recover any files. So to overcome that issue you can add recycle bin feature to your android device. Also, you can recover permanently deleted files on your android using this software.

add recycle bin


There are many third party apps in google play store which will enable a recycle bin your android.One of the best app among those is Dumpster app. This dumpster app works just like the recycle bin works on your computer.

Dumpster app enables you to restore deleted documents,pictures, music files, videos or any other file types. So with this app installed on your phone,you can delete files without worrying them being deleted permanently.

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How to Add Recycle Bin Feature on Android with Dumpster

    1. Download and Install this app Dumpster Image & Video Restore on your Android device.
    2. Once installed, Open the app and accept the “Terms and Conditions” to continue.

add recycle bin

In this initial setup, select all the files types you wanted the app to save when they are deleted and tap on ‘Next’ button.If you have a rooted Android device, you can turn on the “Allow Root Access” option which will enable more features of this app.

add recycle bin


That’s it! Now Dumpster is now all configured to save the files you delete next time.If you accidentally delete your files, just go the Dumpster app and you can restore a deleted item, simply select it and tap the ‘Restore’ button to restore it.Please keep in mind that this app won’t recover previously deleted files.This app will just store the files which you may delete in the future

add recycle bin

Hope this article is helpful for you.Feel free to leave your comments below!

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