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How to charge your Android mobile faster!

How to charge your Android mobile faster!
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How to Charge your Android Phone faster?

          Who don’t want to charge his/her phone faster? I am sure you also want to charge your smartphone faster which is yet only a dream for you. But, today I am going to share some of the happening tricks which are going to help you to charge your Android phone faster.
               As you all know that Android phones carry a lot of information and personal data of users including some of the advanced apps and that is the reason that it took too much time to be charged. However, still there are some tricks and tweaks which can be followed in order to speed up the charging process.

Don’t worry! I am not going to ask you to download or install any third party app for that you only need to apply the optimized tweaks on your phone and you are all the way there.

Charge your Android Phone Faster – Tweaks!

So, here are the the tips which you are supposed to apply in order to charge your Android phone faster. I know that you must be eager to get the list as soon as possible; therefore, without taking your more time I would request you to get towards the below steps;

Switch to Airplane Mode

First thing first is about switching your phone to airplane mode from general mode. When your android phone remains on general mode then it opens route for calls, messages, internet and radio and ones you have switched to airplane mode then these all functions will be restricted.
When your phone will have to perform lesser tasks then it will help your phone to charge faster. Furthermore, this trick actually works and you must apply this on in order to increase the charging speed of your phone.

Charge your Phone with Original Charger

I have seen many users who charge their phone with any similar-pin charger so let me tell them that if you really want to charge your phone faster then go for the original charger. Using different kind of chargers on your phone may harm the battery of your phone as well.
Therefore, charging using original charger is highly recommended. Moreover, try to charge your phone using electrical socket, charging your phone on laptop may not be a good idea. It will take a lot of your time and may affect the performance of your phone.

Switch Off WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS

I am taking about switching off all the unnecessary features of your phone until your phone gets charged. When WiFi or Bluetooth is turned on your phone while charging then these two features keep on consuming the battery at the same time by searching for any source to be connected. Therefore, I would suggest you to turn off all the unnecessary features of your phone to make it charge faster.

Turn Off Your Phone – Most Effective!

The last and most effective trick is turning off your phone while charging. This simply cuts it off from all external sources which may cause the draining of battery along with charging. Therefore, turning off your phone while charging is really a smarter choice and you must go for it.

Use Power saving apps!
Using power saving apps will help you a lot in optimizing the battery life by disabling hardware devices automatically.I suggest you to install DU Battery Saver or Batter Doctor(By Cheetah Mobile Inc) app from play store(free).These apps will automatically free up the ram and helps to improve battery usage!


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