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How To Customize Facebook Reactions

How To Customize Facebook Reactions
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How To Customize Facebook Reactions

Facebook Reactions became the best way to express our feelings properly without just using the like button.Facebook has come up with new features.It has introduced 360-degree videos into the News Feed, back in 2015 and looking forward for the Virtual Reality.

Recently, Facebook has updated the like button with the new theme called Reactions where you can find 6 different reactions. These reactions can be used on long pressing of the Like button or on hovering the mouse on like button for some time.

Users are really enjoying this update and now, coming to the point, you can customize these reactions to your own emoji’s you like. Yes, you can do this and this can be done by installing Reaction Packs extension.

Reaction Packs for facebook is developed by Rodney Folz which lets the Facebook users to customize the reactions with their own emoji’s which includes different characters such as Donald Trump, Pokemon, Justin Trudeau etc. You can download these emoji’s from the Reaction Packs Website and for free.

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Steps To Customize Facebook Reactions:

Follow the below procedure to customize the Facebook Reactions with your own emoji’s collection.

  1. Open web browser on your computer.This method only supports chrome and firefox now.Later it may be extended to other browsers too.

  2. Download and install the Reaction Packs for Facebook extension for Chrome or for Firefox.

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  1. Visit the Reaction Packs Website and pick any emoji collection that you want to customize the Facebook Reactions.Click on “Use this pack”.

  2. Now open Facebook or reload the Facebook tab in the web browser. Now you can see the customized reaction pack instead of the Facebook Reactions.

Right now, these emoji’s aren’t available for the mobile version of Facebook. These are available only for the web version of Facebook. However, these emoji’s can be seen by only persons who have installed the extension in the browser.

The Reaction Packs Website also provided a feature which lets you  upload your own pack on their website and can be used by you and available for other by following few rules.  In this way, you can customize the Facebook Reactions.

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