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How to flash MIUI 8 Rom on Xiaomi Mi Max

How to flash MIUI 8 Rom on Xiaomi Mi Max
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How to flash MIUI 8 Rom on Xiaomi Mi Max

MIUI 8 Global Rom is released for Mi Max 32GB and Mi Max 16GB models and I suppose most of us is using the china developer rom or unofficial global rom for MIUI 8.The thing is you can upgrade to official MIUI 8 Global Developer/Stable Rom without unlocking your bootloader.

The code for both Mi Max 32 GB and Mi Max 16GB versions is HYDROGEN. This means you can flash all the roms of 32gb version in your 16gb version without any changes.

If you do not wish to wait for your Mi account to get approval to unlock device, you can try this out. Basically it is to put the phone to EDL mode (Emergency download mode) and flash using miflash beta. This will change your whatever rom to the fastboot rom you have decided to flash.

NOTE: TRY THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK. If you have mi account logged into your phone, make sure you logout your mi account from your Mi Max device.

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Steps to flash MIUI 8:

  1. Download the preferred official fastboot from for the XiaoMi Mi Max (Which I suppose most of us is gonna get the MIUI 8 Global ROM).

  2. Download and install the official MiFlash here. This will install the necessary drivers for detection.

  3. Download and install the miflash beta here. This will be used for flashing the fastboot rom. The installer will installed as XiaoMiFlash

  4. Unzip the fastboot rom to your drive. I prefer unzipping to C:\MIUI (make a folder MIUI in your c drive)

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5. Run the XiaoMiFlash as administrator. Click on select and point it to the root folder of the unzipped fastboot rom. e.g. C:\fastboot_rom_folder_name. After that on the bottom right, check on “clean all” options.

  1. On your phone, get to developer mode to enable USB debugging. This step might not be necessary though, but before my phone got into boot loop after flashing from Mi PC suite, i did enabled it.

  2. Turn off your phone. Press and hold vol+, vol- and power button to get to EDL mode. Note that the screen will not show anything, so you don’t have to worry.

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8. Connect phone to PC, wait for it to detect and install the necessary drivers. Refresh on XiaoMiFlash and your phone should show up, e.g. COM1. If it does not show up, try refreshing a few times, else disconnect and reconnect your phone.

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9. Click on flash and wait. This part a bit scary, you can only see the progress on your computer as the phone screen won’t show anything!!

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10. After the result is success, unplug and reboot your phone by holding on to the power button. The phone will be setting up itself to the new rom. After which, enjoy the newly flashed MIUI 8 ROM.

That’s all for this! Hope this can help you 🙂

Original article by kks24. Thanks to him 🙂

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