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How To Hide Files Behind Image Without Software?

How To Hide Files Behind Image Without Software?
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There are some important  files or document you want to hide from others on your computer.Hiding files by some sort of software has been a very common way till now, but if you are looking for something different you can do it by hiding a file behind the image.

How To Hide Files Behind Image?

Step 1. Before we move further with the steps.There are something that we need in order to perform this trick. We will require WinRar Installed on our PC.

So if you previously have WinRar archiver on your PC, which most of us do have, you can proceed with below steps:

hide files behind image

Step 2. Create a folder with files that you would like to Hide in an Image file, Let’s assume the folder name is “New Folder (2)” and copy all files in New Folder (2)that you want to hide in an image.

Now Right Click on the File and select add to the archive. Select RAR as Archive format and Click OK.

Or (select Send to >compressed (zipped) folder and if you make a zip file, then process all steps same but replace the keyword .RAR to .ZIP).

hide files behind image

Step 3. You will now see an RAR file with name files, Now suppose you have an image with name “hello.jpg” in which we will hide these files. Copy both Files.rar and image.jpg and paste them in C or D Or E Drive. Remember to rename the .RarFiles, I had renamed it to “Google.rar” to make it bright.

hide files behind image

Step 4. Next Search for CMD and open it. If your files are in “E” drive then Type E:and press Enter. Now Type in this Code as it is copy /e hello.jpg+google.rar hello.jpg remember to replace (hello) with your image name and (Google) with your RAR filename. and press Enter

New screenshots

If you have done everything right till now, then you will see ‘google.rar‘ (contains all those files you want to hide) has been hidden in the ‘hello.jpg‘

Ok So now we have a new file but what next? If you notice you will see the size of the new file has increased and if you open the hello.jpg file it will show you just the picture, So you will as where the other files gone which we tried to hide inside this image?

How to Access the Hidden files:

  1. We know that the file is in jpg format so first Open WinRar archiver, Click on File and Select Open archive.
  2. Now Navigate to the Path where you have saved hello.jpg file which will be Drive “E“
  3. Now make sure to select All Files from the drop-down, so that it displays the hello.jpg file too.
  4. Select it and Click on Open, There you will see a folder with name files, Open it and there are your Hidden files.


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