How to Identify a song without knowing lyrics

How to Identify a song without knowing lyrics
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Many times you come across situation that you listen to a song or song’s tune but no able to identify the song. It happens to me often. The other day I was on the way to airport in a taxi and listened one song on the radio. I liked this song and thought about getting it as soon as I reach home.

But when I reach home, I forgot the lyrics since I had never listened this song before. But yes, I was able to humm and used one of below methods and found the song finally !

Music is an addiction (atleast to me) and I can’t live without it. I’ve a huge collection of songs of different artists and genre that I listen to for relaxing my mind. I keep on updating this collection with new songs and by now the collection is over 10 GB.

But, I’m not good at remembering lyrics until I listen a particular song a few times and tend to forget it. In that case, below methods help me get that particular song.

It can happen to anyone, infact it happens often because everyone loves music but sometime you aren’t able to recall or remember the song you have heard in a wedding party or on the radio or from someone’s house while walking on in the street. In some cases the lyrics are so complicated that you can’t even understand them without listening to a few times.

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So if you are among those music lovers and trying to find a particular song that you have heard somewhere, I’ve collected several tools from all over the internet that can help you identify this particular song. These tools are either iOS/Android/Windows apps, websites or the real human who can help you identify song. All these methods are pretty simple and free. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

1)- Via App –

Everyone has a smartphone in today’s life as it has become a necessity. Smartphone can do all those stuff what a laptop does, so that’s one important gadget that everyone carry always. In this method we will take advantage of this gadget to identify the song without knowing lyrics. Take a look at below apps that can help you recognise songs easily. All these apps are available at all platform be it Android, iOS or Windows.

1.a – ShazamAndroid | iOS | Windows

I’m sure you’ve Shazam app installed on your smartphone or tablet because it is one of the most popular music app to play songs. It has been downloaded by millions of people from around the world on different platforms- iOS, Andorid, Windows etc. This app can be used to identify a song, create a shazam playlist, access list from anywhere and access to videos or live streaming service with one tap. How to use Shazam for identifying song

So I assume you have Shazam app installed on your smartphone. Do the following.

  1. Play the song that you want to identify or get closer to the source of music (playing on the street or somewhere).
  2. Open Shazam app and you will see the logo shown in below image. You’ll also see a msg “Touch to Shazam” as well just below Shazam app logo.Shazam app
  3. Bring the phone closer and tap this button. The app will take the input and try to find out the song.shazam app listening
  4. You need to allow app for sometime to discover the song. It will take a few min and suggest you the song you were trying to find out.

1.b – Soundhound – iOS | Android | Windows

Soundhound is yet another great music discover app which can help you easily figure out the song that you wish to identify. The app has been downloaded by tens of millions of users across the globe. At Google Play alone, the app has been reviewed by thousands of people. The larger number of people have given it 5 star rating that makes it one of the best choice for this task.

Soundhound can identify song with hum or your singing to it. Apart from that you can go handfree and tell SoundHound to discover the song for you. It brings you all the latest songs from across the globe, the trending songs of the week in the US and other part of the world and play the songs you have saved previously.

How to use soundhound to find a song

That’s again super easy and similar process that we have followed with Shazam app.

  1. Play the song or go closer to music source
  2. Open soundhound app and let it hear the music. In other case, if you can’t get song off your head, hum or sing it.SoundHound App
  3. It will listen to the song and search in the directory. Allow the search process to complete, it may take sometime.soundhound app listening
  4. When the search is completed, you be able to find the song you were intended to find. Congratulations !

1.c – Musixmatch  –Android | iOS | Windows

This is yet another great app that will help you identify the song playing around you. It doesn’t only identify English but songs in other languages as well. The app has been downloaded for tens of million of time and loved around the world. It can help you get lyrics synchronized with Pandora, Spotify etc as well.

If you know the Song title or the Artist or the album, you can easily search via search option. Musixmatch is available on Android wearables as well.

How to identify song using Musixmatch app

The process is same as other two apps above.

  1. Play the song.
  2. Bring phone closer to music source and tap the logo to identify the song.Musixmatch
  3. Let the phone listen song.Musixmatch listening
  4. Have the song identified.

Other app such as TrackID that can be used to identify songs using same method.

2)- Make use of SnapChat

SnapChat is like a revolution in Photo sharing world and that’s reason why it has grown so rapidly in last few years. Anyways, I wouldn’t go deep into details explaining what this app is and what it does because everyone knows that. Recently SnapChat partnered with world’s most popular music discover app -Shazam. The feature is now in-built in SnatChat itself that can help you identify any song playing around you. Here is what you need to do.

  1. Open SnapChat.
  2. Hold on camera and let Shazam identify the song playing around you.
  3. As soon as it identifies song, you will get a popup with details of the songs such as title, the artist name, lyrics or audio preview.
  4. Remember these details as you know things blow away in few seconds from SnapChat… That’s all.

3) – Make use of Cortana, SIRI, Ok Google or Bixby

Make use of different personal virtual assistants such as Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s SIRI, Google’s “Ok Google” or Samsung’s Bixby that they recently incorporated in latest Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphone.

All you need to do is to open any of these personal assistant and give it command provided they have the ability to listen to song which you want to identify and your voice. For example, if you are using Cortana to find a song, you need to make sure the microphone is connected with laptop if it don’t have in-built microphone. Similarly SIRI is Apple’s personal assistant and in order to get song recognised by it, you have to open SIRI in phone and bring it closer to music source.

Once you have placed any of these personal assistant in close proximity of the song playing that you want to identify, ask your personal assistant questions like this –

“What Song is This”

“What Song is playing”

“What’s name of song playing”

The personal assistant will listen to the song and your command and come up with the song that you wanted to identify.

4) – Melody Catcher

Melody catcher can be another great tool to find out the song you have been looking for. All you need to do is to go to the website and type melody using a virtual java based keyboard on the screen. You need not to type whole song, just a few notes from this song will help you search the song.

The only drawback I see here (someone else might not see it as drawback) is you must have Java Runtime Environment (JRE) install on your laptop or desktop computer in order to use this virtual keyboard. The virtual keyboard wouldn’t work until you have this JRE installed on your computer.

5)- Take help from people on the internet

WatZatSong – Although we are living in super technologically advanced world and many tasks are being done by machine, still there is some tasks that can not be done by the machine. The above said apps works based on the pre-loaded features that may not always give you best results and then need of seeking help from human arises.

Thankfully we have websites or I’d say social platform where humans are helping each other to identify song. The website is online for a very long time and helping people from around the world who are looking to find some particular song.

WatZataSongThis social platform have lots of active members that will help you in this regard. What you need to do is to record small part of the song in mp3 format and upload on this website. You can either record a real song being played or record your hum.

Click on top button that reads “Post A Sample” and it will ask you to either sign up or login with existing account. If you are reading this article, I assume you do not have an account on this website. Go for it and enter your details for creating an account. Once the account is created, post recorded mp3 clip by following simple process they laid down.

This process song identification might take sometime as the sample posted by you will be viewed by other members that takes time.

To expedite the process, you can click Facebook share button to share the sample on your Facebook profile so that if anyone from your friend list knows the song, could help you. Also including every small information you have about the song, such as artist name, a few words from song, language etc. can help other identify the song or you faster.

On a different note, once the account is created, you can listen to other’s samples as well and help them identify songs they are looking to find.

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