How To Identify Music With Cortana Playing Around You ?

How To Identify Music With Cortana Playing Around You ?
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Sometimes you like music which is playing around you, when you are at the pub or any event and you don’t know the name of the song but still you want to know.Thanks to Shazam, and other services, you can easily identify the song with just a click of a button. But in windows you no need to download any third party application,Now you can easily identify music with Cortana.

Cortana can help you work out which song is playing around you, then help you get that song in Xbox Music. Cortana also keeps track of the songs you’ve asked her to find for you so you can revisit the list later and decide if you really do want to add some Vivaldi or Herman’s Hermits to your collection.

How To Identify Music With Cortana Playing Around You ?

Cortana has a brilliant feature of identifying songs playing near you.There are two ways to use the feature:

1.Use Cortana’s Music Shortcut

  1. Press the Search Search button button to go to Cortana, then tap the Music search Music search icon in Cortana icon.Identify Music With Cortana

  2. Cortana will begin listening. If she can identify the song, it will appear on the screen with the album cover, song title, album and artist. You can tap it to see it in Xbox Music.

2.Ask Cortana

After launching, Cortana it says “Ask me anything.” Simply ask her any one of the following questions: What song is this?, What song is playing?What’s the name of this song?, or What’s playing right now?.

Identify Music With Cortana

Here is a video to check out!

After Identifying the Song

Once Cortana identifies the song, which usually takes about three to six seconds, you’ll see its name, album, and artist. You can also click the Find another song link to do that. Click any of the results to open that album in the Windows Store.


In the Windows Store, you’ll see the option to purchase the song or the entire album.

Identify Music Cortana 7

If Cortana can’t identify your song, you’ll see a message saying “I’m sorry, I don’t recognise this song”, with the option to Try again. In most cases, increasing the music volume or moving your PC closer to the source of the sound remedies the problem and gets Cortana to identify it.

Note: Cortana and Music ID are region restricted, mostly to the US and a few other locations. If you do not see the icon described in this article, then you are probably in a non-supported region.


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