How To Know If A Site Is Secured?

How To Know If A Site Is Secured

How to know if a site is secured? So many people are worried these days to make transactions or to browse the internet due to security.

There are so many sites which will access your location and your interests for advertising and provide relevant advertisements.

Also, some websites contain a lot of malware and virus which will be automatically downloaded to your device. Even secured websites can access your info but the access can be restricted or can be seen.

Whether you have to make a transaction on a website such as while purchasing an item from an ecommerce website, it becomes important that you make sure the website is secured before making a purchase.

It is because after checkout, you always have to enter your credit card information to make the payment of the item you are purchasing. In that case, if the website is not secured, your information is likely to be compromised which may result in unathorised transactions on your credit card.

Mostly, all the web browsers you are using will have an encryption system which will control the data between you and the website. Unfortunately, all websites are not secure and read this article if you want to stay secured!

how to know if a site is secured

HTTPS, Lock Icon & The SSL Certificate

You just have to keep these three things in mind when using a website. The word HTTPS – Hyper Text transfer Protocol Secure which means that all the data which is being sent and received from the website and you is secured and cannot be seen by anyone (hacker). Mostly, all the websites having money transactions will have https:// in front of the URL.

Secure Payment Methods

For example, consider casino websites where thousands of people spend their money through online transactions. Most of the online casino sites are completely secure to use as it uses many payment gateways such as Paypal, Neteller, PaySafeCard, Envoy, Maestro & Visa Electron.

Daily some lakhs of transactions go on across the world and there is a need to secure them to keep money safe. We make use of payment gateways such as Paypal, Neteller, e.t.c., to send and receive money.  These payment gateways will take the responsibility of securing your transaction.

how to know if a site is secured


Coming to the Lock Icon, it can be seen on any modern web browsers these days. For example, chrome has a good looking green lock symbol which you might have observed while using Facebook or Gmail.

The SSL certificate manages the data flow between you and the website server. There is a process to get an SSL certificate installed on a web server. There are two types of validations to acquire an SSL certificate. One is Domain Validation and the other one is Extended Validation.

Domain Validation is given for those who owns a proper domain, whereas Extended Validation is of high security which is given to a company/ organization with an identity.

how to know if a site is secured

Last but not least. Take a look at the websites privacy policy as the page says how your data is collected and used by the website owner or by third party services. To view our website privacy policy go here.

It is your responsibility to keep your info safe while browsing the internet. Therefore, only allow your web browser to collect your data if you think that the website has a proper structure and is completely safe.

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