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How To Set Up Smart Lock On Android Lollipop?

How To Set Up Smart Lock On Android Lollipop?
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Don’t want to type password every time you want to unlock your phone? You can make unlocking your phone easier using Smart Lock. First, change your settings to enable Smart Lock on your device. Then set how you want your device to automatically unlock.

How to enable Smart Lock?

Open Settings on your Android device menu then tap on security you should see the Smart Lock option. Tap that, and you’ll be presented with the Smart Lock rulesets which you can see in the above image. To get started just tap any of these options.Here are the detailed description of each one.

1)Trusted devices

Tap on the Trusted devices and make sure your phone is connected to the Trusted Device you’d like to set up, then hit Add Trusted Device.

The concept is simple — the user connects a Bluetooth device to their phone or scans an NFC tag, and then their device will no longer be protected by the user’s lock screen security.

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2)Trusted places

You can choose trusted places, such as your home, to keep your phone unlocked whenever you’re there. smart lockYou need to have an Internet connection and allow your phone to use your current location for your trusted places to work. Trusted places works best when you have a Wi-Fi connection.


3)Trusted face

The Trusted Face setting will require you to stare at your phone long enough for it to recognize you.When your device is looking for your face, you’ll see the trusted face icon . If it doesn’t recognise your face, you can unlock your device with your set password, PIN or pattern.

smart lock

4)Trusted voice

The Trusted Voice setting, meanwhile, plugs into Google Now’s voice recognition. You’ll need to train your phone to recognize your voice, but once you do, you’ll be able to unlock your phone by saying “Okay Google”.

The popup when you enable Trusted Voice warns that the feature is not as secure as a traditional lock screen and that Someone with a similar voice or a recording of your voice could unlock your device.

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5)On-body Detection

On-body Detection works with the use of the built-in accelerometer,your phone will detect when it’s being carried around,If for any reason you set your device down, it is supposed to re-enable your lock screen pattern, PIN, password, or any other type of security that you might have enabled. Unlock your phone once when you’re on the go, and you won’t need to unlock it again until you stop moving.


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