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How to Stop Ads in Facebook News Feed?

How to Stop Ads in Facebook News Feed?
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If you’re a regular user of Facebook, you’re no doubt familiar with sponsored ads popping up in your Facebook News Feed, woven in with posts you care about from your friends and family.

And you’re not happily smiling when you see them, unlike these two ladies in a Facebook ad promotion. You just want to stop ads in facebook. Facebook users who don’t understand why they’re seeing a certain ad on the site may soon be able to solve the mystery

If you don’t want to see a specific ad, you can click the x on the top right corner of the ad and choose I don’t want to see this.

You can’t block Facebook ads entirely. Ads help keep Facebook free and we strive to show you only ads that are relevant and interesting to you.

Which Ads are Displayed on your Newsfeed?

Currently, the company sends you ads based on your Facebook activities, such as the Pages you like. It also takes into account certain personal details, such as your age, gender, and location.fbadFacebook will also tap into the websites and apps you use in order to decide which ads should target you.

How to report an ad I see on Facebook?

To report an ad you saw on the Facebook homepage or next to a Timeline, group, photo or other page within the site, fill out this form.

To report an ad you saw when you were using a Facebook application, fill out this form.

Include as much detail as possible to help us track down the ad. You should also verify that your feedback refers to ads shown by Facebook because some info may have been generated by browser add-ons.

How To Stop Ads In Facebook?

Facebook don’t offer ways to stop ads altogether. The option you get is“interest-based” ads. What this means is that you can let Facebook know what you like, so they can show you ads accordingly; or you can opt out of giving them any information, and they’ll bombard you with online behavioral ads you don’t like.

Targeted ads are one way of attempting to make sure the ads you see are relevant to your interests. And though the burden is on you to take action if you keep seeing an unwanted ad, at least Facebook realizes it has to leave the ultimate choice of what ads you see in your hands.

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