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How To Use Two WhatsApp numbers in Same Phone Now!

How To Use Two WhatsApp numbers in Same Phone Now!
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Two WhatsApp numbers in Same Phone Now!

Using two whatsapp numbers in a same phone is a bit difficult after the OGWhatsApp got expired.So i thought of writing this article to enable users to use two whatsapp numbers in same phone.

I started searching for an alternative application to use two whatsapp numbers in same phone and found an awesome multi messenger android application named Disa. It is available on Google play and you can use two Whatsapp numbers in Same Phone!

By using it you can use Facebook, WhatsApp, Hike, SMS and other popular messaging services within a single app. So if you are running out of phone memory to install more android application you can download this application and uninstall official Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Messaging app etc. to save phones memory.

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This also reduces RAM memory usage and boost your phone performance. Disa application is still in beta stage. So more features are on its way. To use two WhatsApp numbers in Same Phone using Disa android app, follow instructions below:

  • Install Disa multi messenger android application from  Google Play or  Official Website.
  • You can use WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS and other messaging in this single app. To use WhatsApp, After installing Disa click on an add service- tap on Search (Under Third Party Plugins)-
  • Open in your favorite browser- scroll down and look for this link-Here. Or you can simply open browser and go to this URL to install WhatsApp plugin after installing Disa.
  • Then you can simply verify your second number and use it on the same phone.

If your phone have root access, there is a better solution to use Two WhatsApp numbers in Same Phone. You can use more than 100 numbers in same WhatsApp using 2line for WhatsApp! Two Lines for Whatsapp will save every WhatsApp account info you have and restore it automatically when you switch from one to another without needing a registration or waiting for SMS every time.

The drawback of this application is it only allows you to use a whatsapp number at the same time. If you want to use second Whatsapp  number you need to open 2line for WhatsApp and restore the second account. It would be nice that the App would check by itself every X minutes other accounts.

There are some people including me still want to use OGWhatsApp.It is really a good application.The developer stopped releasing new versions because he is warned by WhatsApp to stop modding their copyrighted application!

You can still use OGWhatsApp version if you change your phone date to March 3 or prior. Also, you can Google for “OGWhatsapp Anti update” version and find anti update modded version.

I can’t share download links here because there is a chance to receive a DMCA notice if I do so! But using anti update version is not a long term solution.Because anytime WhatsApp will permanently disable your WhatsApp account. So I advise you to try Disa application to use two WhatsApp numbers in the same phone.

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