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Increase your Android’s RAM upto 4GB!

Increase your Android’s RAM upto 4GB!
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Increase your Android’s RAM upto 4GB

Increase your android phone’s ram upto 4GB with some simple steps.This process may not work on all phones depending on kernel you are using.However you need a rooted phone and a good class 10 memory card for optimized performance.Please read all steps carefully!

All you need is:
1)1 app(app is specified with download links in the steps below)
2)Rooted phone with swap compatible kernel(This app will increase RAM depending upon free memory space left in your internal storage or external storage)
3)Class 10 Memory card(better performance)
4)5 minutes time
5)some brain(Very important!….lol)increase androids ram
STEPS:1)First root your phone if it is not rooted and download memory info and swapfile check app from playstore(free).Open memory info app(grant root permissions) and click on “ROEHSOFT RAMEXPANDER TEST” and select the swap path(internal storage or external storage for your liking).It will show congratulations popup if your kernel supports swapping.
2)Then download and install this app from this link:Download
3)Now open the app and go to options.Click on “Select SWAPDIR” and select swapfile-storage/sdcard0(if you want to increase ram using internal memory) or swapfile-storage/sdcard1(if you want to increase ram using memory card).
4)Now move the bar “SwapFile” to set the desired amount of ram you want to increase and set “Swappiness” to 60.Please don’t change anything else.
5)Now click on autorun on top right side of the app(it should become blue color).
6)Now move the bar name “Swap Activ” once towards right.
7)App will continue to do its work.This process may take some time depending upon the amount of size you chose.
NOTE:If this app didn’t work then google custom kernel for “your phone model or name” and flash it through custom recovery.Custom kernel should support swap.
Now to test whether the Virtual RAM is working or not,download terminal emulator(free) from play store.Open it.Then type “free” without quotes.It should show the size of swap you chose before.

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