5 Top Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic

5 Top Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Blog Traffic was initially viewed as an all-important metric for gauging success on the Web.This assumption was due in part to the lack of other business metrics to explain the .com phenomenon.Now much of the focus has shifted back to profitability, and Blog traffic is only part of the equation.

Blog Traffic x Conversion = results

Web site traffic is still important, as you can’t have conversions without visitors, but it is becoming less important as a standalone metric.

So what methods should you have to follow to improve website traffic?Here are some kick-ass tips to get blog traffic.

1. Share More Than Once

Many of us hit publish on our blogs and consider our work has been done. However, sharing a post once is not nearly enough to increase your blog traffic, since many people might miss that initial publication.

Instead, share your post multiple times on different social platforms, with a time interval depending on the relevance of the information and the targeted audience.

Although some people would call this spamming, we beg to disagree. By re-sharing , you are simply making sure that none of your audience stays in the dark, and you are pointing out to them that the information you provided before is still relevant. Of course, make sure you do not share outdated and irrelevant posts over and over again.

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2. Get Influencers to Write for You

Asking a fellow blogger who has the largest or considerably larger followings rate than you do,can be rewarding in many ways.First, you will get excellent content on your blog, which might attract new audience.

blog trafficSecondly, the influencer’s vast social network will get an insight into your blog,and it is a powerful channel for distributing your own content.

Last, but not the least, these influential contributors might link to something they wrote for your blog from a third party website (very often, they write for big media) making your blog even more exposed.

Unless you are running a prestigious blog yourself,you will probably have to pay them in some way. This does not necessarily has to be in cash. Offer them to contribute to their blog,link back to their blog,or give them free samples of your products.

3. Use Blogging Communities

Blogging Communities often rank higher than individual blogs. Having this factor in mind, they can increase your blog traffic by sharing your posts, upvoting them, and making them more visible.

So you need to find some best blogging communities that can boost your blog traffic easily. BlogEngage, DoSplash, InBound.Org, Blokube, BizSugar, and IndiBlogger are some of most popular communities.

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4. Use Appealing Graphics

The attention span of the humans decreases rapidly, going from 12 seconds back in 2000 to 2 seconds today.To grab people’s attention, you have to offer them striking material that will attract them instantly.

Researches show that we process visual images a lot faster than textual information.Knowing this, you should aim at incorporating as much diverse audiovisuals into your blog as possible.

There are so many to choose from: infographics,videos,photos, etc.In addition to blogging communities,photo communities like EyeEm, can help you find unique and stunning visual content.

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5. Tweet More Efficiently

Optimize your tweets to encourage clicking on them. What does this mean? Simply, put only the post title, URL and your Twitter name in the tweet. blog trafficAvoid including the entire post tag, or generic messages that do not provide any information to the reader about the post.

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