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How to install xposed framework on lollipop

How to install xposed framework on lollipop
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Xposed Framework on Lollipop!

Xposed is ready!
Xposed is finally here for lollipop for cool customization’s and tweaks.
You need a rooted phone and custom recovery installed in your phone.Read the post completely!
This process is working 100%.If you don’t know what is xposed or what does it do,then please regret this post!
Please open android terminal emulator and type this to know your CPU type(you need a rooted phone):

getprop ro.product.cpu.abi #OR getprop ro.product.cpu.abi2

1)Download the attached files according to your device specification-arm or x86 CPU.
2)If you are using arm CPU then download from here:Download
3)If you are using 64 bit arm CPU then download from here:Downloadxposed
4)If you are using x86 type of CPU then download from here:Download
5)First flash the above .zip(according to your phone) from any custom recovery(recommended twrp).
6)Then install this app XposedInstaller from this link:Here
7)Now open the xposed app,click on framework then tap install/update.
8)Reboot your phone and enjoy tweaking or modding ūüôā

 Known issues:
–¬†Bootloops on¬†Samsung¬†stock ROMs. That’s due to Samsung’s changes to ART. There are unofficial builds that work around this by deodexing and adjusting the ROM.

–¬†Sony¬†seems to have shipped some ROMs with corrupted
services.odex (the embedded .dex is invalid). Those ROMs will bootloop with a “Fatal signal 6” error, which unfortunately I cannot fix.

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