Contact’s Availability Information:

General navigation in iOS 9

Apple may equip iOS 10 with a new feature to show whether your contacts are available for a conversation, a feature that users have grown familiar with in apps like Facebook Messenger, which shows which of your friends are online for a conversation or a call.Your iPhone would present that information to you in the Contacts app.

A Siri-improved iCloud voicemail system:


Apple is rumored to be working on improvements for an iCloud-enabled voicemail system, which would enable Siri to talk to callers and transcribe your voicemail messages into text.

The system would replace iOS’s standard voicemail system, and would enable you to quickly read through your voicemail messages instead of having to listen to them.

That’s a feature that would likely be pretty popular considering the fact that most people consider voicemail an inefficient system, and often don’t even listen to the messages that others leave for them.

The feature would also reportedly be able to tell selected callers where you are or why you can’t answer the phone, so that you could opt in to letting your friend or your significant other have a little more peace of mind when they call and you don’t answer.

A smarter messaging app:

Messages app in iOS 9

The messaging app is most likely one of the apps the you use most. So it seems likely that Apple is going to follow the lead of a few excellent startups that are reinventing what a messaging app can do.

Imagine scheduling a picnic with friends and texting a to-do list that enables recipients to claim tasks. Or share live maps that update their location for selected times.

Use your significant other’s text sharing a flight number to track where the plane actually is. Making messaging smarter is a great idea, and it seems very likely that Apple will work on iOS 10.

Camera app in iOS 10 can do more

Camera and Photos apps in iOS 9

While Apple recently updated the hardware of the iPhone’s camera with the iPhone 6s, the accompanying app could do with an upgrade.Enables you to set a custom exposure for each of your photos and therefore gain full control over your images.

You can independently control the shutter speed, ISO, white balance, focus, and exposure compensation for each image, and Apple could integrate a simplified set of similar features into its own Camera app in iOS 10.

Better Weather app:weather app

Weather app that comes preloaded on iOS 9 isn’t all that useful. If you want detailed forecasts or any control,the weather information the weather app in the iOS 9 couldn’t do upto the expected.So Apple could update its Weather app to give you more detailed, useful forecasts and a better way to browse them.

Apple could not only improve its Weather app with iOS 10, but could more deeply integrate its forecasts with other features of the iPhone.

For instance, the Proactive Assistant could surface information about how the weather will be on your daily commute, which might prompt you to throw an umbrella in your briefcase or wear a heavier coat than you were initially planning. Or, if you and a friend are texting about meeting up when you’re in town, the messaging app could show you the forecast for the unfamiliar location to make sure that you’re prepared.