iPhone 7S news, expected Release date, price and rumors

iPhone 7S news, expected Release date, price and rumors
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iPhone 7S news, expected Release date, price and rumors

The company has planned to uncover three different models of iPhone this year to celebrate 10th anniversary of iPhone. The three models will be iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S plus and the premium iPhone that either be known as iPhone 8 or iPhone X or iPhone 8 Edition.

However, the latest rumors pointing out something different and according to them, we will only see iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus this year, iPhone 8 will be delayed to next year. The cause of delay in launch of iPhone 8 is said to be delay from suppliers end who are manufacturing OLED display for iPhone 8.

Here in this post, I’ll be discussing everything we know so far about iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus which most probably be launched in September 2017. To be precise, we can see iPhone 7S release date set for the second week of September.

There are lots of interesting features that iPhone 7S and sibling iPhone 7S Plus going to have and I’ll cover them all in this post. If you don’t want to miss any update, bookmark this page !

iPhone 7S release date

There was no confusion that the next year would be the year of iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus when we had iPhone 7 launched last year in September in a big hall fully packed with journalists came from different part of the world. We can anticipate Apple releasing iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus in second week of September again.

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There are several reasons why the release date should be in September, most probably September 9, 2017. One being the company’s previous release track record clearly explains it follows September month release for every upcoming iPhone, hence the chances of iPhone 7S release during the same time this year too are pretty much higher.

Second reason being, there are many rivals including the new ones such as OnePlus, Xiaomi continuously releasing great smartphone so that people can have the latest ones. OnePlus launched OnePlus 3T last year in November and OnePlus 5 is due for release in June. Within 8 months interval, the company is coming up with next version smartphone with upgraded features and specifications.iPHone-7S-release-

Similarly Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 2 will be launched in coming months (before September). Moreover, world’s bigger smartphone seller, Samsung just launched feature packed giants Galaxy S8 and S8+ in March and the Galaxy Note 8 is scheduled for release in June/July as well. HTC too launching HTC Ocean in coming few months with amazing features.

With so much of great smartphones scheduled for launch in coming weeks, Apple can’t delay launch of iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S plus beyond September month.

According to FTtimes, the sales of current model has fallen as compare to last year. However, Tim Cook – Apple’s CEO blames new iPhone’s rumor caused decline in sales of current model. People who wanted to buy iPhone 7 are probably waiting for the upcoming iPhone – iPhone 8 specially, because iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus would be mere upgraded version of current iPhone 7 and Phone 7 Plus.

iPhone 7 Features and Specification

Why every new iPhone becomes first preference of the customer even before its launch is something that everyone aware of. Apple includes latest technology, powerful specifications and latest features to its all newly launched iPhone.

We saw a major upgrade in camera of iPhone 7 Plus last year and it looks like the rivals are working on to feature similar camera in their upcoming smartphone as well. The iPhone 7 Plus has 12 megapixel DUAL-Lens camera that massively improves photo clicking experience. Apart from that the design and JET BLACK color of iPhone 7 is the major attraction.

The Phone 7S would only be the upgraded version of previously released iPhone 7 having many similar features. It would feature 4.7-inch LCD capacitive touch screen, similar to iPhone 7 launched last year with 401 ppi pixel density. Talking about the processor, iPhone 7S will sport Quad-core 2.5 Ghz processor and A11 chip.

However, there is a slight confusion if iPhone 7S will have A11 (which is not yet announced) or A10 fusion chipset. If the company launches iPhone 8 this year the chances of iPhone 7S getting A11 chip are comparatively lesser because the company would like to include that in iPhone 8, not iPhone 7S.

The iPhone 7S seems to have 3GB of RAM as compared to 2GB in iPhone 7 and comes in three different versions – 32 GB, 64 GB & 128 GB. As far as the operating system is concern, iPhone 7S might work on iOS 11 which  suppose to get launched in June/July this year.

There would be great improvement with iPhone 7S camera just like last year but this time with megapixel count. According to the rumors, iPhone 7S Plus may sport 16 megapixel dual-lens primary camera. Earlier only the “Plus” version had dual-lens camera. It will have 12 megapixel selfie camera to take selfies or record videos. Following Apple, the companies like OnePlus, HTC are planning to launch their smartphones with dual-lens camera too.

The iPhone 7S might get water resistant protection as per IP68 standards as compared to general IP67 rating where it would be able to resist water for a longer period of time. IP68 rating protection will save your iPhone for 30 minutes if submerged in 1.5 m water.

Speaking of battery, iPhone 7S might get 3,000 mAh power non removable battery. It might also get fast charging feature to charge your iPhone 7S in a matter of few minutes. Moreover if rumors are to be believed, it might get wireless charging feature as well.

iPhone 7S price

Apple incorporates great changes in design and features of every iPhone that adds up to the total cost of iPhone. Since we can see there could be quite a few upgrades in iPhone 7S over the current iPhone 7, the cost of iPhone 7S might be little higher (not much).

Based on the features, competition in the market and inflation, we can anticipate the price of iPhone 7S should lie between $700-$750 for base (32 GB) model. Those who are interesting in iPhone 7S Plus will have to pay few bucks extra. The above price is applicable in the United States that could be slightly higher or lower in other countries.

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