iPhone 9: Release date, specs, price, features and everything else

iPhone 9: Release date, specs, price, features and everything else
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We are several months away from the day when we could see iPhone 9 being launched and it looks like the discussion about this phone have already started. We are going to see iPhone 8 in September this year and the next year – 2018, should be the release year for iPhone 9. However, its too early to say that because with Apple’s decision of announcing three phone together in 2017 left us in confusion.

iPhone 9 release date

Some really big tech websites such as Macworld UK have started to discuss iPhone 9 release date, the possible features it may get, specification etc. According to MacWorld, the release date of iPhone 9 may lie in year 2018 or 2019 however this is just a wild guess because the company is being unpredictable nowdays.

After release of iPhone 7 in 2016, the next year (2017) should be the release year of its upgraded versions – iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S plus but the company planned to release three different models altogether to offer more choices to the customers.

Whether its a competitive market or the needs of the customers that forcing tech giant to release three different models of not much different specifications and features. While the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s plus are the upgraded models of last year’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s plus, the iPhone 8 is slightly different from these two phone in terms of screen display, size and bit of tweak with camera.

iPhone 9So the company which was so predictable about upcoming models seems to be doing away from the trend that they followed over the years. However, still there is a pattern which gives us an idea when iPhone 9 may get released.

If we analyse the release dates of last few models, we will get to know iPhone 6 along with iPhone 6 plus was announced in September 2014 followed by iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus in September 2015. Similarly next year in 2016, the company unveiled iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 plus in September 2016 and in year 2017, the iPhone 7s/ iPhone 7s plus/ iPhone 8 are planned for release!

There is no as such news about the release date of iPhone 9 but from above pattern, we can figure out, iPhone 9 may get released in September 2018 if there is no “Plus” and “S” versions of iPhone 8. But there is fair chances, we will see iPhone 8s in 2018 and hence the release of iPhone 9 may get postponed to September 2019 !

So we can say we have long way to go before iPhone 9 gets released but I’m sure that rumors will start to pile up much sooner. I’ll keep this article updated with latest rumors about new iPhone. So you may bookmark this page in case you don’t want to miss any news.

iPhone 9 expected specification and features – rumors

Its too early to say anything about expected features or the specification of iPhone 9 but there are few obvious things that the company do with newly released iPhone. The iPhone 9 will obviously work with the latest iOS version that can be either iOS 12 or iOS 13 depending on numbers of models released between iPhone 8 and iPhone 9.

it has been noticed that new iPhone come with new iOS version so if iPhone 9 going to release in 2018, it will run iOS12 and iOS13 in case the release shifts to 2019 !

The iPhone 9 may get 6GB of RAM and come in 128 & 256 GB storage capacities only. There will be an improvement with megapixel count of the primary as well as secondary camera and features. We can expect iPhone 9 to have atleast 18 megapixel rear camera and 12 megapixels selfie camera.

The new iPhone will obviously be having faster processor and Apple’s chip that can be A12 or A13. iPhone 9 might get 3,800-4,000 mAh li-ion battery. It might also get supercapacitor battery that can last for a week and get charged in seconds as per MacWorld.

It is is expected to have long distance wireless charging feature – no more hassle of being in closer proximity.

iPhone 9 Price

The price of iPhone 9 considering features that it might get should be in a range of $900-$1150 for 128 GB model. The Phone might be available in the united states at first along with other few countries such as United States, Canada etc. Rest of the countries will get the Phone in coming months from release. This is the expected price in the US and will be different in other countries.

Note: These are all rumors/ predictions as its too early to say anything about this phone. These predictions may or may not come out to be true.

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