Jarida Responsive WordPress News,Magazine Theme

Jarida Responsive WordPress Theme

Jarida News and Blog WordPress theme is very famous & popular theme now-a-days,because Jarida has very powerful tools,widgets and integrated plugin’s.

This theme is specially designed for mobile and desktop users. Jarida is 100% seo and mobile friendly.

It has 36 internal widgets for sidebar.Great ideas and great skills produces a beautiful and elegant themes,Jarida WordPress theme is one of them.Very large number of blogger’s use this theme on blogs.jarida theme

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Jarida Features:

  1. Fully responsive and mobile Friendly.
  2. Woo-Commerce friendly.
  3. Google Adsense friendly.
  4. Draggable Home Page Builder is integrated.
  5. Compatible with infinite plugins.
  6. Powerful administration panel.
  7. Google Web fonts.
  8. Unlimited colors are available.
  9. Pagination integrated on it.
  10. Easily to add Google analytics.
  11. Full background.
  12. Integrated background patterns.
  13. Breaking news with beautiful animation effects.
  14. Optional Breadcrumb navigation.
  15. Two Image sliders, Six Footer layouts, eight Page templates.
  16. Unlimited Custom widgets.
  17. Social Icons Widgets
  18. Unlimited sidebars.
  19. Social counter widget.
  20. Advanced Typography.

How To Install:

Adding New Themes using the Administration Panels

You can download Themes directly to your blog by using the Add New Themes option in the Appearance sub-menu.

  1. Log in to the WordPress Administration Panels.
  2. Select the “Appearance” panel, then “Themes”.
  3. Select “Add New”.
  4. Either use the Search or Filter options to locate a Theme you would like to use.
  5. Click on the Preview link to preview the Theme or the Install Now link to upload the Theme to your blog,
  6. Or use the Upload link in the top links row to upload a zipped copy of a Theme that you have previously downloaded to your machine.

Adding New Themes by using cPanel

If your host offers the cPanel control panel, and the Theme files are in a .zip or .gz archive follow these instructions.

Note: This assumes the Theme you download is a compressed (.zip) file containing a folder under which all the Theme files reside.

  1. Download the Theme .zip file to your local machine.
  2. In cPanel File Manager, navigate to your Themes folder. If your WordPress is installed in the document root folder of your web server you would navigate to “public_html/wp-content/themes” and if you have WordPress installed in a sub-folder called wordpress, you would navigate to “public_html/wordpress/wp-content/themes”.
  3. Once you’ve navigated to the Themes folder in cPanel File Manager, click on Upload file(s) and upload that .zip file you saved in Step 1.
  4. Once the .zip file is uploaded, click on the name of that file in cPanel, then in the panel to the right, click on “Extract File Contents”, and that .zip file will be uncompressed.

Adding New Themes Manually (FTP)

To add a new Theme to your WordPress installation, follow these basic steps:

  1. Download the Theme archive and extract the files it contains. You may need to preserve the directory structure in the archive when extracting these files. Follow the guidelines provided by your Theme author.
  2. Using an FTP client to access your host web server, create a directory to save your Theme in the wp-content/themes directory provided by WordPress. For example, a Theme named Test should be in wp-content/themes/test. Your Theme may provide this directory as part of the archive.
  3. Upload the Theme files to the new directory on your host server.
  4. Go to themes from wordpress and activate it.

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