LuckyPatcher App Download And Custom Patches List 2016

LuckyPatcher App Download And Custom Patches List 2016
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As you already know, In 2016 android is the best platform for smartphone these days.LuckyPatcher App is used to mod and patch the apps or games so that you can buy anything in-game for free.Luckypatcher App also helps you to mod and patch various android apps so that you can directly use pro versions without purchasing them.There are several type of patches you can apply to apps or games.

Luckypatcher App

LuckyPatcher App Download And Custom Patch List

LuckyPatcher App is a great tool to apply custom patches,remove ads, create modified apps, modify app permissions and components, backup and restore apps, bypass premium applications license verification etc.,

There are several type of patches you can apply to apps or games using luckypatcher app.The mostly used patch in luckypatcher app is “Support Patch For InApp and LVL Emulation”.

LuckyPatcher App is originally developed by “Chelpus“. LuckyPatcher app needs root permissions and busybox.You can download busybox from playstore.

You can directly download the latest and original Luckypatcher App from this website.

If you dont know how to root your device follow this article.Iam not responsible if you damage or brick your device.

LuckyPatcher App

Custom Patches List For APPS

Apply Custom patch to get full version for free on the below apps:

1)NetQin Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos

2)N7 Music player

3)Titanium Backup

4)EvolveSMS v1.8.6

5)Rocket Music player


7)Avast Mobile security



10)Locus map pro


12) AIDE



15)Go SMS pro

16) anMoney

17) Kii keyboard

18) TSF Shell 3D

19) Widgetlocker

20) Rocking Shortcuts

21)L Lockscreen

22)Microsoft Office

23) Photo editor


25) Greenify


27)All Cast


29) Plume for Twitter

30) Loader Droid download manager,

31)OPG Pro v10.x.x And Above


33) Endomondo sports tracker V10.2.x And Above

34)Sleep as Android for v20140905+

35)PowerLine for v2.1+

36)Twilight for V3.5+

37)Mindroid for v1.5.4+

38)Dock4Droid for v3.5+

39)Taskie for v1.2+

40)Number Remember for v1.1+

41)Reactor for v1.7+

42)Battery Cartoon Widget for v1.7+

43)Weather Clock for v2.0+

44)MHDroid Public Transport for v20131227+

45)Baby Sleep Instant for v1.5+

46)News+ | Google News RSS Reader for v1.1.2

47)EverClip for v1.1.4+

48)Tinted Status Bar BETA for 1.8.9+

49)Xposed LED Control for v1.2+

50)Xposed Call Blocker for v1.1.1+

51)S-View Mods for Note 3 for v1.1.3+

52)Dot View Mods for HTC One (M8) for v1.1.4+

53)Instagram Downloader for v1.8.6+

54)Display Tester for v3.9.00+

55)Gamekiller v3.01

56) Glue for v1.09+

57)Smartphone Avatar for v2.15+

58)Badge Maker for v2.02+

59)Creatures of Earth FREE for v2.04+

60)Rita’s tales for children for v2.01+

61)Avast! Anti-Theft 3.0.XXXX (Google Play version, ONLY)

62Flippr v1.4

63)Delayed Lock version 3.5.9+

64)Calendar+ Free version 1.06.61+

65)etAudio Plus Music Player v4.2.0

66)Poweramp Music player

67)tTorrent lite

68) Lumosity v1.0.177

69) Task List & To-do List

70)Epic Android L Launcher

71)Rotation – Orientation Manager v2.9

72)Solid Explorer v1.6.1 Build 75

73)Phogy 3D

74)WhatsApp Plus v6.15D

75)ISS Detector For v2.00.69+

76)Pic Collage IAP For 3.6.15+

77) Flightradar24 Pro v5.21

78) Flat Style Colored Keyboard

79)Boxer Email

80)The Independent v5.5.2+
(Permanent Subscription

81)Google Play Newsstand v3.3.1+

82) GotYa! Face Trap & Security

83)AutoRap By Smule

84)WhatsApp Messenger

Unlimited access to:
– Financial Times
– The New York Times
– The Wall Street Journal
– The Washington Post
– …and more!

Apply Custom Patch to Unlock In app Purchases on below apps:

1)Battery Defender for v1.1.7+

2)Cover Art Grabber for v1.1.3+

3)App Backup & Restore for v3.1.6+

4)SMS Backup & Restore (Kitkat) for v2.0.7+

5)App2SD & App Manager-Save Space for v2.0.7+

6)App Share – Facebook/G+/Email for v2.0.3+

7)Easy Installer – Apps On SD for v.1.3+

8)Droid Protector – App Lock

9)HandyCall for v1.4.2+

10)Simple Currency Converter for v1.2.1.180714+

11)Floating Toucher Ver 2.9+

12)Notification Toggle version 3.1.2+

13)RoboVox Voice Changer Lite

14)Delayed Lock version 3.5.9+

15)BookmarkFolder version 3.4.1+

16)Burst Mode Camera version 1.42+

17Nights Keeper version 2.2.2+

18)Calendar+ Free version 1.06.61+

19)Sidebar Launcher version 3.1+

20)Photo Editor by Aviary

21)L Locker (Android L & KitKat)


23)Wakelock Detector-Save Battery

24)All-in-One Agenda widget

25) DU Battery Saver

26) Missed Call Sms Reminder Alert ( for 4.3.1+

27)Smart RAM Booster – Free Cleaner for version 3.8+

28)Deep Sleep Battery Saver for version 3.3+

29)Lockdown Pro for v1.2.5+

30)Gallery Plus – Hide Pictures for version 2.2.3+

31)Nights Keeper for version 2.2.2+

32) Calc+ Powerful calculator for v1.0.0+

33)CaughtU Pro – Caught You for v1.0+

34)Quickr for v1.5+

35)Sectos for v2.6

36)Call PopOut for v1.3+

37)Taskbar for v3.8+
< br> 38)Uninstaller (AppTyrant) – Quick App Manager for v3.3+

39)Battery Stats Plus for v3.2.101+

39)Recent App Cleaner for v2.3+

40)Permission Master – Xposed for v1.114+

41)L-Call Free for v199+

Custom Patches List For GAMES:

1) Candy Crush Saga v1.39.4+
– Owl Never Falls Down.
– Once You Enter The Moonstruck, It Will Remain Active Till The End Of Level.
– Infinite Lives.
– Infinite Free Switches.
– Infinite Bomb’s Timer.
– Infinite Boosters (you need to have at least ONE).
– Infinite Lollipop.
– Infinite Moonstruck.

2)Hill climb Racing v1.17.0
Apply patch to get Unlimited fuel. Only on ARM v7 devices.

3)My talking Tom
Get 200k of credits for free.You can use them to buy food and clothes.

4)PockerStar lite
After applying patch, the minimum screen resolution to run the application will be 239×239 pixels.

5)Where’s my water?
Apply custom patch to buy everything for free. But, water will be invisible.

6)Where’s my Micky?
Same as where’s my water?, but micky will be on loose.

7)Where’s my perry?
As above.

8)Where’s my Micky XL?
You know it.

9)Real Cricket 14 v2.0.4
For Unlmited Coins And Everything Unlocked

10)Temple Run 2 v1.12.1
For Unlmited Coins And Gems And Many More

11)Temple Run OZ v1.6.2
For Unlmited Coins And Gems

12)Pinball Arcade
Unlock everything!(every table, pro menu, custom balls, movies)

13)Diamond Digger Saga v1.1.1 and maybe future updates
– Infinite Lives.
– Infinite Boosters (It will show you 0 but you can use them).

14) Castle of Illusion v1.1.0 and maybe future updates
– Infinite Energy
– Infinite Ammo (you need to have at least ONE).

15) Bubble Witch Saga v3.1.10 and maybe future updates
– Infinite Wishes (you need to have at least ONE).
– No more score reset on Burst Fail.
– No more removing spiders on Burst Fail.
– 100 more bonus Balls at the end of the level (instead of 10).
– 30 extra Balls at the start of the level (instead of 7).

16) Pyramid Solitaire Saga v1.5.0 and maybe future updates
– Infinite Combo (Combo Streak doesn’t reset).
– Jungle Cards Easy Mode (Once you unlock a Jungle Card never comes back in a locked one).
– Chain Cards Easy Mode (one move unlocks chain).

17) Swordigo v1.3 and maybe future updates
– Infinite Energy.
– Infinite Mana Spell.

18) Papa Pear Saga v1.15.0 and maybe future updates
– Infinite Lives.
– Infinite Boosters (you need to have at least ONE).

19) Bubble Witch Saga 2 v1.4.2 and maybe future updates
– Infinite Lives.
– Infinite Boosters (you need to have at least ONE).

20) Pyramid Solitaire Saga v1.4.2 and maybe future updates
– Infinite Lives.
– Infinite Boosters (you need to have at least ONE).
– 25 extra cards instead of 5 (booster need to be activated).
– Instant unlocking of next episode (no waiting time or asking friends for unlock).

21) Farm Heroes Saga v2.9.8+
– Infinite Lives.
– Infinite Boosters (you need to have at least ONE).

22)Candy Crush Soda Saga v1.26.24+
– Infinite Lives.
– Infinite Boosters.

23)”Asphalt 8: Airborne” v1.6.0e and greater.( Booster limit patch)
~Set booster time for bigger value.
~Universal path for ARM and x86, v1.3.

24) Cut The Rope 2 v1.2.8+
– Lots of coins.

25) Zookeeper Battle v2.8.4 For ARMv7
– Unlimited CP

26) Frozen Free Fall v2.0.0+
– Summer, Halloween and Autumn Levels Unlocked (do this only ONCE, otherwise you risk to ruin the game)

There are still several apps which can be patched.I hope this list helps you a lot.Happy patching!


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