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MOBDRO APK 2018-Download Latest Version v2.0.60 Free

MOBDRO APK 2018-Download Latest Version v2.0.60 Free
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If you are looking for FREE live TV or Movies/Videos streaming app then you’ve come to a right place. In this article, I’ll be talking about Mobdro app which is the most famous movies/videos streaming app that costs ZERO money. This article is dedicated to Mobdro where I’ll explain what this app all about, what are the important features of this app and how to download Mobdro APK file and install it on Laptop,  Android devices and Windows PC

If you are like me and several others who love to watch Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Cartoon online or stream videos and listen to podcast, then Mobdro App can be your first choice. Mobdro App is developed for Android devices at first but later the developers received great interest from the users and decided to develop it for other platforms as well.Mobdro apk

Mobdro App is completely free for use, means you need to spend even a single penny to watch movies, different channels, stream videos and listen to podcast. However, there is two different versions of Mobdro App and its totally your choice to chose one which suits your requirements. I’ll talk about both versions later in this article.

Mobdro App have thousands of channels arranged under different categories that makes it easy for you to browse your favorite category and watch content from this particular category. Mobdro App constantly searches internet to bring in latest movies and videos on your smartphone that have this app installed.

With such huge number of Movies, TV shows, Funny videos and podcast, Mobdro app could be a great source of entertainment when you are getting bore or have to sit idle while traveling. Mobdro app needs Wi-Fi internet or data plan in order to let you watch Movies and TV shows.

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To avoid huge internet charges, its advisable to get unlimited Wi-Fi connection if you use this app at home or in the office and unlimited data plan if you have to roam around different locations. Mobdro is an online TV and Movies streaming app that consume high bandwidth and if you don’t have unlimited data plan, it might result in huge internet charges.

Mobdro apk is available for Android, so any android operating system device user would be able to enjoy this beautiful app without any problem. However, it is available for iOS devices as well at iTunes but with limited features.

For all those devices which don’t run Android operating system such as Laptop, Desktop PC, Windows, iOS, Kodi, Amazon Fire, there is some tricks that can let you enjoy Mobdro on such devices as well. I’ll discuss this trick for each of these devices.

One of the best feature of Mobdro app is the support for Chrome Cast. So, if you are among those people who love to watch movies on bigger screen, you’ve this option available as well.

Mobdro App – Free Movie streaming & Online TV App

One thing that I like the most about Mobdro app is, it is available for FREE ! We need not to spend even a single penny to watch latest movies, TV shows, cartoons, news channels, sport channels, other videos and podcast. The interface of Mobdro app is so good that you wouldn’t face any difficulty in checking out functions including one by which you can watch content on big screen. Take a look at the categories:

Mobdro Categories

CHANNELS – ABC, HGTV, History TV, TNT, Cartoon Network, HBO, Hallmark, Animal Planet, Nick etc.


SHOWS – TV shows like Adventure Time, Better Cal Saul, Family Guy, The office, Rick and Morty etc.

MOVIES – Further classified under Action, Horror, Animation, Comedy, Romantic, Suspense etc.

SPORT – ESPN, Sky Sport, WWE, Chelsea, Star Sport, Ten Sports, Fox Sport etc.

MUSIC – Mtv, Vh1, The Box etc.

GAMING – World of Tanks, Dota 2, Hearthstone etc.

ANIMAL – Cooper Island, Deer Field Florida, Jonathan etc.

TECH – Nasa HD, Super Geek Heroes,  Twit Live etc.

PODCASTS – The Miki Show, The Ellen Show, Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show etc.

OTHER – Miscellaneous

One important thing that you need to always take of is to have reliable and faster internet connection. As I said above, Mobdro App works with internet, hence if the internet connection is not reliable and goes off over and again, you might not be able to watch movies and tv shows.

Again, if your internet doesn’t go off but have low speed, you’ll not be able to watch uninterrupted videos. Slow internet speed will result in videos stopping after ever minute which is frustrating.

To make Mobdro apk works well for you, have reliable and fast internet connection. Mobdro always keeps searching internet for new videos and movies, so you’ll have new content to watch most of the time.

Mobdro versions

Ok, so you can watch Movies, Videos and different channels free of cost but if you could spend few bucks, you’ll have extra features of this great app. Yes, Mobdro have two different versions, Free and Premium.

Free Version 

Mobdro’s free versions would let you have access to all the features except three important ones. The free versions of Mobdro app have annoying ads appearing between the categories or in the middle while watching videos. However if you can cope with such ads, Free version is not a bad choice. It has all the necessary features to watch movies and stream vidoes.

Premium version

The other version of Mobdro app is premium version where after paying some money, you can get rid of annoying ads which disturb you while watching Movies or TV shows on Mobdro. Apart from that the benefit of premium version is that, you will be able to save the videos or tv shows on the device and watch it later.

The other important thing that I like most about premium versions is support for Chrome Cast. With Chrome cast support, you can watch content from Mobdro app on a bigger screen.

Mobdro App features 

There is lots of great features that Mobdro app come up with. Here is the some important ones:

  • Completely Free !
  • Watch unlimited movies, TV shows, Videos, News Channels, Sport Channels
  • Listen to Podcasts
  • Online Streaming
  • Live TV
  • Nice user interface.
  • Content nicely arranged in Different categories.
  • Get rid of ads with premium version.
  • Support for Chrome Cast
  • Save movies and watch them later
  • Available for Android, iOS, Kodi

How to use Mobdro App?

Its pretty easy to know how Mobdro app works and how to use it. The installation process is so simple that anyone without any technical knowledge install it and use right way.

Before you download Mobdro apk and use, make sure your internet connection is stable and have good speed. Low speed or interrupted internet connection will lead to bad experience. Follow the process to download Mobdro apk and use it.

Pre-requisite of installing Mobdro App

Before you download Mobdro apk file, make sure you meet with following requirements:

  1. An Android device have android version 4.1 and above
  2. Atleast 80 MB free space.
  3. Reliable Internet connection – that doesn’t goes off.
  4. Fast internet speed.
  5. Atleast 60% battery back up.
  6. Go to settings and check “Allow installation of apps from sources other than Google Play”

Process to download, install and use Mobdro

Step:1 – Open browser on your smartphone and go to Mobdro’s official website. Click here to visit.

Step:2 – Download Mobdro APK. Its a 26 MB file.

Step:3 – Once its downloaded, you will get a notification on the top. Tap downloaded file.

Step:4 – The installation process will begin. Follow the instructions on the screen and you’ll easily be able to complete installation process.

Congratulations, you’ve installed Mobdro app on your device. Let’s see how to use it.

Go to home screen and look for Mobdro App’s logo. Tap it to start the app. When app starts for first time, it walks you through different controls of the app. You will see category list and you can tap any of these category to watch content from.

For example if you want to watch any particular channel, tap CHANNELS and look for one which you want to watch. The list of channels is pretty big, so you will hopefully find the channel you want to watch. Once you find the channel, tap the screen to start streaming. Enjoy watching your favorite News channel FREE of cost.

Sometimes, you might get error “Parse error” or “check your internet connection”. Parse error is a common problem in case your device’s Android version is lower than 4.1. Mobdro app works with 4.1 and higher versions of Android operating system.

“Check your connection” is an error that causes due to poor internet connectivity. You will continue to get this error  if you don’t get reliable internet connection. Mobdro works with internet, hence its utmost important to have a good internet connection.

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Download Mobdro apk for Android, PC/ Laptop

Mobdro app is mainly available for Android devices but the methods I’m going to discuss below will help you get this beautiful app for other platforms as well. Take a look

Mobdro for Android

I’ve already discussed that above, so I’ll keep it brief.

Step 1 – Download Mobdro apk file from official website.

Step 2– Tap downloaded file and let instillation begin.

Step 3– Follow on screen instructions and you will be able t install Mobdro for Androd.

Mobdro for Windows PC and Laptop

Mobdro is an Android based application, hence it will either work with Android devices or the devices have Android emulator installed. You can search on internet and find lots of Android Emulator but I’d recommend BlueStacks 2. Here is the process.

Step: 1 – Open browser on you PC and go to Bluestacks official website. Click here to visit.

Step: 2 – Click Green Download button on the right hand side and download will start.

Step: 3 – Once Bluestacks is downloaded, Double click setup file and start with installation process.

Bluestacks installation process

Step: 4 – Follow on screen instruction to install complete BlueStacks installation process. Wait till installation process gets completed.

Step:5 – Visit Mobdro official website (see above) and download Mobdro APK file.

Step:6– Open BlueStacks and from left hand side chose “Install apk”.

Mobdro apk file installation

Step:7 – Locate Mobdro apk file which you have downloaded and let the installation begin.

Step:8 – Follow on screen instruction and complete installation. If you see Mobdro logo, you’ve installed the app. Congratulations.

Mobdro apk installed

I’ve used lots of other movie streaming apps but couldn’t find any better than Mobdro. Since it constantly searches on the internet for new movies, shows, videos, you will always have something new to watch.

And, if you decide to spend a few bucks, you can enjoy features like saving movies on your device to watch them later, removing those ads that comes between the channels and watch content on bigger screen since it has support for Chrome Cast.

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