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Moto X 2016 Allegedly Shown Off In An Early Leak

Moto X 2016 Allegedly Shown Off In An Early Leak
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Moto X 2016 Allegedly Shown Off In An Early Leak

Motorola exists to invent, build and deliver the best mobile devices on the planet – improving the lives of millions of people.We’re quite a while away from the release of Motorola’s 2016 flagship, but today we’ve got what seems to be our first look at the device.

First and foremost, this leaked pic from China of a supposed fourth-generation X prototype clearly flaunts a metal unibody-type construction, which may put a surprising end to the Moto Maker customization affair.

moto-x-2016The leaked image seen above shows off what looks like an all metal smartphone which loosely follows Motorola’s previous design language, this time just with more premium materials.

It does appear that there is a slight curve to the back of the device, but nowhere near what we’ve seen in previous Moto X devices. You can find specs,features and more info about Moto X 2016 Here


The new metal unibody design might also put a damper on customization through MotoMaker. There’s also a massive camera sensor which basically looks like a Moto 360 stuck to the back of the device.

I have a feeling if this design does turn out to be real, the size of the camera sensor will definitely be a controversial design point for the Moto X 2016.

Another interesting note is that it appears that the speakers have been moved to the back as shown by the two rows of speaker holes at the bottom of the device.

Also of note, the Motorola Moto X 2016 skeleton doesn’t seem to present any curves or edges, with antennas likely contained in small top and bottom plastic blocks meant to keep network connectivity nice and stable.

Overall, bold moves and risks are definitely to be expected from Lenovo management and Moto engineers, even if this particular preliminary design fails to take commercial shape.

We obviously knew that Lenovo’s new control over Motorola would change things for this year, but if this does turn out to be true, I think it’s safe to say this is further than we expected. What are your thoughts on this leak?

Let us know in the comments below! Keep in mind of course that this is an extremely early leak and we likely won’t see anything concrete regarding the Moto X 2016 until this Summer.

If you know anything about moto x 2016 feel free to share it in the comments  😀

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