Turn Ordinary Watch into SmartWatch With Trivoly

Turn Ordinary Watch into SmartWatch With Trivoly
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Turn Ordinary Watch to SmartWatch With Trivoly

Introducing Trivoly!A smart way to convert ordinary watch to smart watch.

Watches represents the simplicity and formality in us.So how many of you love watches?I think everyone does.Many of us use watches but probably we use ordinary watches.Now you can turn ordinary watch into smartwatch by just keeping a tiny super slim disc,which fits any watch effortlessly with super-ease underneath any watch.



Smartwatches offer a new level of convenience. Kickstarter project Trivoly aims to turn ordinary watches into smartwatches. It’s a small black disc that adheres to the back of your existing watch, adding features like notifications, health monitoring and music controls. In other words, it’s like the guts of a traditional smartwatch made external.

The water-resistant Trivoly has a diameter of 30 millimeters and a thickness of 3 millimeters.It relies on a double-sided adhesive sticker to piggyback on the underneath of your watch.


It lets you control your smartphone from your wrist- you can handle your messages, notifications, calls, alerts, camera, spotify, iTunes, SONOS etc. Moreover, it’s very sleek and smart, certified by FCC and CE. It’s hypo allergenic i.e. completely skin friendly. It is compatible with iOS 8 and above, works with all Android 4.4+ phones.Here are some of the features.

Features of Trivoly:

  • Customize your notifications


With the Trivoly app you can easily set your preferred color and vibration pattern for each notification. There is even a discreet setting to customize your Trivoly to avoid unwanted interruptions, by filtering priority contacts and silencing others.

  • Fitness tracker

fitness tracker

It takes care of your health with its interactive fitness tracker,optical heart rate sensor and step counter give advanced fitness tracking, empowering you to keep up to speed with your fitness goals. Data is sent straight to the Trivoly app, which cleverly filters out the stats to your favorite fitness apps.

  • Control your music from your wrist


At the tip of your finger,it becomes a personal remote control for your music system. Skipping tracks, pause/play and even volume control!It also works with Sonos, Spotify and iTunes.

  • Capture Selfies


If you’re bored of the same old ‘selfie,it helps you can take amazing selfies from a distance up to 25 ft away!!

Get It Here:

You need to install the Trivoly app from play store or app store inorder to use the disc!

Interested to buy? Now you can order it from here!

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