Play High End Games On Low End Android Phone!

High End Games on Low End Android Phone

The game quality of android has been improved much in the recent days and there are some games which are even claimed to be console quality games, as a result the requirement to play these graphic and memory intensive games have increased very much.

Modern combat 5 is the example of it, in which if you want to play on high quality mode then it would require 2gb ram and not all of us have that Android phone that has that much ram. Moreover GPU is also a problem.

High graphic intensive games means more ram and GPU power requirement that our ordinary Android phones are not capable of giving.

So in this post I am going to guide you about ways through which you will be able to play these games.

You probably have heard of the app named as chainfire 3D with the help of which you can lower the graphic quality of the game and can play graphic intensive games on your android phone.

But this app is only available for the smartphone running on android 2.3 and below. That means you can’t use it on Android 4.0 and above.

Thankfully, there is a app GLTools that will help you to play high end games on low end android phones running on version 4.0 and above.

GLTools is not limited to increasing or decreasing the quality of the games, it is more than that. It allows you to adjust the resolution of the games, to set Anti-aliasing for the game, to change rendering of the game and also it also allows you to enable texture decompression and recompression for the game.

It also allows you to play those games which are not made for your device graphic card. For example you can play Nividia games on your adreno or powervr devices.

Before proceeding I want to clarify that this app requires root and this app is not compatible with all the phone available in the market, hence may cause damage to your phone. So, I suggest you to first check compatibility of this app with your android device and also make full backup of your device. Also in the process of anything goes bad, then I will not be responsible for thermal nuclear war.

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Step By Step Guide To Install GLTools App:

Step 1: First install GLTools app from Google Play Store. It is a paid app, but is worth for paying if you want to seriously enhance your graphic performance.

Step 2: After the installation, go to GLTools app. It will ask you to use plugin. I recommend to choose TEX(DE) plugin if it is available for your device as it gives more options.

Step 3: Check all agreement boxes and tap on install button. (If you have custom recovery installed in your android device then you can also click on Install using recovery.)

Step 4: It will ask you to give it superuser permission. Give it superuser permission to allow it for root access.

Step 5: After tapping on install your device will begin to reboot. It may take a while so please wait.

Step 6: After rebooting is finished again go to GLTools app and scroll through the list and find the game that you want to tweak and tap on it.

Step 7: Check the box near Enable custom setting for this app to enable GLTools settings for the game.

Now The Procedure To Use This App:

If you want to play high end game on your low end android phone then follow this procedure:

(1) Go to GLTools game and tap on your game and enable custom setting for this game.

(2) Enable Force 16 bit rendering by tapping on check box near it. Also enableOptimize GLSL shades.

(3) Now to go to TEXTURES section and in the Downscale texture select 0.5x. It will Downscale your game graphic quality, so you will need much less ram to play that same game.

(4) Save the setting by pressing back button and now play the game.

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How To Play Different GPU Game On Your Android Device:

Step 1: In the same setting, go to GPU NAME/EMULATION section.

Step 2: Enable Use fake GPU info.

Step 3: Then tap on Use a template. A drop down list will open.

Step 4: Select that GPU from the list for which the game is designed for.

Step 5: Now run the game.

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