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Poptm Review:Best Pop-Under Ad Network With Adblock Bypass

Poptm Review:Best Pop-Under Ad Network With Adblock Bypass
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Poptm Ad Network is one of the best pop-under advertising networks i have tried till now.In Poptm Ad Network, the advertisers can easily display their ads without being worried about the ad-blockers.Also publishers can earn maximum revenue as the ads are displayed even with ad-blocker turned on.This is really a best network to try without worrying about earnings.

Both publishers and advertisers can reach the targeted audience and customers by advertising with the help of their highly advanced and potentially strong platform.

If a campaign does not work out for you as expected, you can even request for a refund of the unspent amount of money in your account.This is really good as you can save your unused money.

This Ad network support is also very good at support as they have live chatting option in their website.Also you can submit support tickets when your query is not cleared.

They will reply you back and solve your problem in not less than 3 hours.It is claimed to be one of the largest networks that can bypass more than 90% of adblock.

Some Features Of Poptm Ad Network:

1)Bypass Adblock:Their Rotating Ad Codes are guaranteed 99.9% for bypassing AdBlock plug-ins.

2)Zone Based Stats:Get real time and zone based statistics of your campaign on your dashboard.

3)Increase Alexa Rank:Boost your Alexa Rank with their advanced alexa toolbar tracker.

4)Advertise Globally:You can precisely choose, Which country are you going to advertise with Poptm.


The ads that are displayed from Poptm Ad Network are 100% clean and highly paying. To avoid spam and fake traffic, they check landing pages of their advertisements. Poptm offers 10% referral commission program.

Poptm can be used on all kind of niche websites including adult websites as long as the publishers have clean traffic and legal content. As this ad network uses bidding system,you are always paid the highest when compared to other ad networks.

One of the most promising features of Poptm is that 95% of the revenue is shared with publishers. Also, if the visitors install Alexa toolbar on their browsers, then 10% extra eCPM is offered to publishers as it helps both publishers and Poptm to rank up precisely targeting the users.

poptmAlso, there is no minimum traffic requirement for this ad network.Even a novice user can easily start making money with his/her website/websites.

Poptm also offers easy and fast approval of the websites, quick payments, real-time reporting features and provides a minimum of payout.In case of advertisers, low cost advertising feature is also supported by their optimum effective advertising platform. Also, the cost per visitor is 0.01% and it can be further negotiated with their 24* 7 live support.


Ad Formats:

As Poptm is a pop-under networks it only supports pop-under ads.So there wont be any banners and interstitial ads.There are two types of codes you can use.They are Simple Code and Rotating Code.Simple Code doesn’t work in case of ad-blockers.Whereas rotating code will work very well in case of bypassing adblock.

Setting up rotating code is extremely easy.Just download a unique file that they provide you, upload it to the root directory of your website,copy and paste a small code to your website footer. That’s it you are good to go with your adblock bypassing ads.



The minimum payment is 10$.Payments will be usually processed within 24 to 48 hours after the request (on Weekdays), and maximum it may take upto 7 days.

Right now,only Paypal is supported  as their payment processor.They will include Wire Transfer very soon.


Payment Proof:


Poptm Ad Network Details:

Ad Type:Pop-Under

Referral Commission:10%

Websites Allowed:Adult/NonAdult

Minimum Traffic:N/A

Minimum Payment:10$

Payment Method:Paypal

Payment Frequency:On Request




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