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Reos Lite LED Smart Bulb Review 1100 Lumens

Reos Lite LED Smart Bulb Review 1100 Lumens
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Reos Lite LED Smart Bulb Review

Reos Lite is manufactured by the Cube 26. Reos Lite is an upgraded version of iota Lite which consists of LED. Reos Lite easily fits into E27 slot in your house. Your can control this bulb light color using your smartphone via bluetooth connection using a provided android/ios application.

About Cube26

Cube26 was founded in 2012, in California . Currently headquartered in Delhi, Cube26 is a technology innovation firm focused on developing the user experience across multiple devices and platforms. Cube26 aims in creating a smarter and simplified world where people and devices interact with each other.

Cube26 is trying to make a milestone in the Indian companies by designing and developing new hardware.

Reos is a sub-brand of Cube26 which was named as iota before. Reos developed android & ios applications which are Reos Lite, Reos Message, Reos Music and Reos Camera app.

Download Reos Message Application
Download Reos Music Application
Download Reos Camera Application

Reos Lite LED Smart Bulb Review

Reos Lite is an app controlled light with a series of LED’s inside it. It can exhibit various colors depending on RGB(red-green-blue) colors. Which means you can get all the combinations of RGB colors such as white,brown,pink etc.,

The LEDs are so bright that it fills up the whole room with a cool light. You can change the light colors using the Reos Lite android/ios app on playstore and appstore. You need an android smartphone with bluetooth to connect to the light. For a good user experience the app asks you for your location.

Reos Lite fits into E27 slot perfectly. Also in the package you will get a B22 Socket converter for compatibility. All you need is plug-in the light, turn it on and connect to the application on your android smartphone. You can also increase and decrease the intensity(brightness) of the colors if you want from the app itself.

The total light intensity of this bulb is 1100 Lumens and the bulb consumes 13W power which is very decent. We might have seen 40w bulb with less light but Reos lite is very energy efficient as it uses LEDs. Before going to the application interface let us have a look at the lights of this LED Bulb.

Reos Lite Blue:

reos lite-blue

Reos Lite Green:reos lite-green

Reos Lite Pink:reos lite-pink

As you can see the lights are very bright and fills up the whole room perfectly.Now coming to the application interface, the app is very well made and connects to the light bulb perfectly within seconds. Here are screenshots of the application interface:

Download Reos (iota) Lite Application

Reos LiteReos LiteReos Lite









You can also sync your music with the led lights. You have to download Reos Music application for that. The color of the lights changes according to the music automatically.

There are various modes to control the lights and their brightness. Also you can change the color by speaking the color name. You can also change the color of bulb when you get a call or a whatsapp message automatically.

Reos Lite

Reos Lite

Reos Lite









These are the uses with the app. Each and every bulb will have its own serial number. So you can connect to another bulbs in a single house and you can control them.

You can also update the firmware version of the bulb if you have internet connectivity for the update to download. Firmware installs remotely using bluetooth so you should stay near to the bulb if you want to update the firmware (within 10-15 meters). So this is it with the Reos Lite LED Smart Bulb.


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