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Briteli App Review

Briteli App Review
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Review of Briteli App is a Curated Content Discovery service.The simple idea behind is that topic based content discovery is a powerful addon to free form search.

Briteli is released on Nov 18th 2015.A new way to discover curated apps on Google Play.Finding apps on Google play is limited to the search bar, top charts and few generic categories filled with mostly games. focuses more on apps and there are a few ways to find them.What this app actually does is-it groups various apps into collections which are not known to you!
– A growing list of Curated Collections by profession/interest
– Weekly updated curated charts
– Daily user submitted content called Freshli

briteli bannerCollections are a group of curated content like apps, web articles, book references that are related to an interest. For example: “Cycling World” is a collection of content for biking enthusiasts, from tracking your ride to keeping tabs on your health parameters and first aid references.


App stores are dominated by the usual chart toppers based on number of downloads, ratings and community suggestions. After people get tired of the chart toppers there are still thousands of good apps which they will never get to see because people don’t know they exist and would never search for it. Briteli helps you find useful apps and content in a more focused manner after people get tired of the app stores.

Here’s how briteli app shows the collections:
briteli collections

Get it on google play here: briteli AppWe hope that Briteli app is very much useful to you.BTW we didn’t try this app yet.Give it a try and share your opinion in the comments


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