Short Story Of Pokemon Go – Trending Game

Short Story Of Pokemon Go – Trending Game
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Short Story Of Pokemon Go

These days we are hearing about ‘Pokemon Go’ a lot and ever since its inception, it has taken the world by storm even to an extent that people who are living in the countries where the official version has not been released are also using it heavily. And due to this heavy usage of this game throughout the world, its servers have been crashed recently.

Pokemon Go

The Pokemon TV series is one of the most popular anime and there have been many games based on Pokemon but none were able to recreate the Pokemon world better that Niantic did with Pokemon Go.

So for the Pokemon fans, this game is like a dream as it shows our real world as a Pokemon world by combining the virtual world with the real world.

Pokemon Go is a game developed by Niantic and is based on the famous television franchise Pokemon. The game has been officially released in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and most of the Europe. It is a mobile based application(available for Android and iOS) which uses the device’s GPS to move the actor in the game.

How To Play Pokemon Go?

First you need to signup for the game.After signing up, customize your digital avatar. You can choose your gender, eye color, hair color, shirt, hat, pants, shoes, and the style of your backpack. Once you’ve done so, you’ll enter the main area of the game: The Pokémon Go map.

Pokemon Go

Inorder to catch a Pokemon, the user needs to be near them and throw a Pokeball in the direction of the Pokemon. The users can also battle with their Pokemon’s in places like Pokemon Gyms and if won they can occupy those Gyms themselves.

But the main reason for its success is the way it combines both real and virtual world which makes the users feel that they are really into this Pokemon world.

How Pokemon Go Works?

The game requires the access to data services, location services and camera(for AR) to run. It focusses on catching Pokemon’s(like the tag line of the Pokemon TV franchise “Gotta catch ’em all”) which are placed in various locations using the GPS coordinates.

As the game uses the device’s location, the one who is playing also need to move in the real world to search for Pokemon’s thereby keeping the users engaged in the game. It also makes use of augmented reality(AR) which allows the users to view the nearby Pokemon’s in the real world.

The Pokemon’s are distributed in the real world in a way that the water Pokemon’s are available in places where there is a water body or grass Pokemon’s in grasslands or forests which give us the feel of Pokemon world and takes the users to places in search of them.

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